• Netflix May Become All-Original Streaming Service
    Netflix's growth doesn't seem to be slowing down. Company executives say it could have 1,500 hours of original TV shows and movies on its platform this year.
  • Is HBO Max Priced Too High?
    Can HBO Max convince new streaming video customers it's worth three times -- or more -- the price of others? Sure, with a show like "Game of Thrones." But wait. "Thrones" is over.
  • TV Viewing Metrics Get Bigger - And Fuzzier
    Nielsen is including out-of-home viewing in its traditional TV measurements next year. Joe Ianniello, acting president/CEO of CBS, thinks major sports events, for one, will see a bump.
  • Streaming Entertainment: There May Be A Financial Cap For Consumers
    If consumers are paying $80 to $120 a month for total home TV entertainment -- on-demand, streaming, traditional pay TV providers, individual movie/TV subscriptions -- do we really think this number will rise 10%, 25%, or 100% over current levels?
  • 10 Disney+ Live-Action Movies Worth Watching Again
    The first streaming year will offer 25 new original series, 10+ movies, 100 recent movies and 400 library titles, including the entire Disney vault.
  • Will Future Premium Video Deals Include Ad Time?
    The question is raised, given a possible Disney+ carriage deal with Amazon Fire TV -- one that may include advertising.
  • TV's Streaming Frenemies Will Keep The Status Quo
    The frenemy moniker is not new -- just an extension of a necessary way of life when it comes to TV production divisions and TV/video distribution points.
  • Streamers Scramble For Marketable Tag: Premium Vs. Good Value
    No marketer will call Apple+ or Disney+ a "value" streaming service -- something that means cheap or discounted to many.
  • Should TV Journalists Question Political Ads On Their Shows?
    Think about next year's election and what political ads might morph onto viewers' screens when tuning into cable TV news networks.
  • NFL Must Approve Energy Drink Ads
    The NFL says energy-drink ads cannot imply improved athletic performance; nor will the organization promote mixing those products with alcohol.
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