• Network TV Execs Laughing Out of Context
    TV programming executives can't laugh and have a good time anymore because they can't -- or aren't allowed to -- create any good comedies.
  • This Network Sports Trend Isn't Very 'Kool'
    With so many references to "drinking the Kool-Aid" in modern culture, you would think at least some TV networks should be airing a few more Kool-Aid commercials
  • MPA To Spend $40M on Print, TV Left in Cold
    TV is the enemy, and magazine publishers reasoned they need a $40 million marketing campaign to attack their main rival head on.
  • Loose Quip, Synchs Lips
    Ashlee Simpson's lip-synching fiasco on "Saturday Night Live" should be viewed as an opportunity to offer the TV public safe and effective singing, acting, and discussion - with no side effects.
  • Showtime May Need More Puff for ''Huff''
    All TV series need plenty of marketing huff and puff before blowing any big ratings down.
  • Baseball Boosts Fox Ratings, But No Primetime Runners Batted In
    Big baseball ratings for Fox should mean only one thing -- home runs for its new shows set to debut in November.
  • There She Goes... ABC Dumps Miss America, Will Anyone Miss Her?
    Special TV awards and sports programs are getting less special. The question is how special are they for advertisers?
  • In A Flip-Flop, Sinclair Sinks Partisan Swift Boat Docu-Nam-er, Floats Campaign News 'Special'
    Hey Sinclair Broadcast Group! What took you so long? Could it be that your financials were about to get kicked in its commercials?
  • Partisan Pay-Per-View, Wrestling Match to Follow
    Politics on television isn't a pretty picture these days -- on either side of the camera.
  • Desperate Housewives, Dispirited Marketers
    Can advertisers be so desperately ignorant as to not know what a show entitled "Desperate Housewives" is all about?
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