• The O'Ratings Factor
    Fox News Channel's commentator Bill O'Reilly is now fighting sexual harassment charges from one of his producers - but will he be fighting with network executives before long?
  • There They Go Again: Microsoft's Latest Foray Into Television
    It's the world's biggest and most powerful software company. But when it comes to the most revolutionary device to come to TV users since the VCR you think TiVo - not Microsoft.
  • Fully Frontal, But Digitally Altered: The FCC Clamps Down On Broadcast
    The Federal Communications Commission's wrath will be rolling through a number of prime-time shows in the weeks to come, according to press accounts. So it's best to keep your "Survivors" and even "Desperate Housewives" indoors, at all costs. And it doesn't matter if the show gets bad ratings, or if it's even off the air.
  • Will Satellite Kill The Radio Star?
    Is there someone who could do for television and its new technologies what Howard Stern hopes to do for satellite radio?
  • Bush League TV Journalism: Will Advertisers View Kerry Documentary As 'News'
    In a decision to air a pro-Bush documentary, TV station group Sinclair Broadcasting wants to make a political statement. But Sinclair may want to check its financial statements.
  • Canceling 'Last Comic Standing' Is No Laughing Matter
    NBC is in a strange comedic spot with its programs these days -- people may be laughing out of context.
  • Reality TV Ratings Are Down, But the Genre's Not Out
    To almost no one's surprise, too many TV reality shows are causing a glut and lowering reality ratings.
  • A Time to Punt
    A little more pigskin for Mr. Murdoch.
  • ABC Not So 'Desperate' in the Ratings Department
    It's now official. ABC, the long time low-rated network and stock market analysts' whipping post, is seeing a turnaround. Early season ratings have at least one heavyweight network perhaps a little concerned.
  • The Biggest Hit Of The Fall Season, And The Nets Can't Get A Nickel For It
    With the first George W. Bush - John Kerry presidential debate drawing 62.5 million viewers, the only question the networks should now be asking is when will they be able to sell advertising time in this big-rated series.
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