• The Real TV Everywhere Has Already Begun -- In San Jose
    San Jose, Calif. police have started a test program that has some 18 officers wearing ear-mounted, Bluetooth-like cameras. Officers say they like the program, as it records all their actions and/or altercations with citizens. Forget law enforcement. For many, this could be a new personal "TV Everywhere" enforcement (sorry, Comcast). I think it should be expanded for all TV/video-loving citizens.
  • Fourth And Goal for Time Warner And Fox: Kerry Comes In To Kick
    Serving the public interest AND making billions in profits? Are these two areas mutually exclusive -- or inclusive? News Corp. wants $1 per cable subscriber from Time Warner Cable -- otherwise it will pull its Fox TV stations as of Jan, 1. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) wants both parties to kiss and make up, so everyone can have their New Year's Day dose of football.
  • Competition For The Emmys? Maybe A Younger-Skewing TV Awards Show?
    Just when you though there was an esprit de corps around the modern 21st century TV industry, old prejudices still come into play. It's still broadcast versus cable. Now it appears some in the TV industry have had enough of the flustering and failures of the TV academy for its consistently devalued TV property, the Emmys.
  • Reality TV Shows' Best Cocktail Of Ingredients: Sex And Advertising
    Fascination with all things advertising has hit new heights. There's AMC's "Mad Men," of course, and shows like "America's Next Top Model" and "The Apprentic," which have given contestants specific "marketing" challenges for certain products and services. And a new reality show, "Hired," will have contestants vying for a top job at a cool, edgy advertising agency.
  • Strong Movie Marketing During Recession; Better Marketing In Good Times?
    The movie business seems to have found the right script this year, but not every piece of news is positive. Box-office revenue and attendance are both up. The downside is that all this good news comes as the real breadwinner for movie studios -- DVD sales - still continues to tumble, down 13%, so far this year.
  • Time Warner & Fox Should Give Viewers The Real Bottom-Line, A-La-Carte Score
    Concerned about the ratings for "American Idol"'s new season, starting this January? Now add this worry to the mix: What might happen if 14 million U.S. viewers find out they have no access to the most-watched show on network television next month? This could be the scenario should News Corp. and Time Warner Cable's testy negotiations explode into a full-blown war -- one that could result in 15 Fox-owned stations being dropped.
  • Who Will Show Up When Tiger Woods Takes Another TV Swing?
    TV executives might ask a next logical Tiger Woods question: Where will his TV viewers go this time, and are they gone for good?
  • CBS Interactive Starts Own Ad Network
    It would seem logical for a major media content provider, CBS Interactive, operating in trying economic times to release a sales tool that brings in extra cash -- wouldn't it? CBS is actually doing just that by creating Madison, its own in-house Internet advertising network -- and, at the same time, refusing to do business with any of the hundreds of third-party Internet ad networks in operation these days.
  • Bargain-Bin Ad Pricing? The Cost Of Wannabee Reality Stars' Antics
    Now, almost 10 years after a new program genre hit TV airwaves in the form of CBS' "Survivor," the off-air antics of some reality TV folks might be lessening the value of the category -- perhaps back to original discount pricing.
  • Learning TV's Real Educational Lessons From Mostly Fictional Content
    I've learned everything I need to know in life by watching -- in no particular order -- "The Honeymooners," "F Troop," "Seinfeld," "West Wing" and the Tour de France. Just in time for the digital age comes another "educational" TV moment -- this time, curiously, from those fine creative minds of ABC's engrossing, sometimes frustrating, series, "Lost."
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