• Legacy Media Cos. Wrestle With OTT Rivals
    Netflix has no worries. But the bigger picture? The total TV ecosystem may include just four major content elements. Total video spending for U.S. consumers is expected to rise 3.3% this year.
  • My TV Cord-Cutting Research Is Better Than Yours. Let's Go Down The Rabbit Hole
    Waterstone Management Group surveyed some 5,000 respondents and found a whopping 59% have cut the cable cord (really!) and another 29% are thinking about it (whoa!).
  • Are TV And Video The Same Now?
    A recent study from Magna, the media intelligence/investment unit within IPG Mediabrands and IPG Media Lab, says 71% of those surveyed believe "short-form" video is "television."
  • Media Layoffs Hit Print, TV And Digital Alike
    One prediction: half all TV advertising related jobs will be gone in five years. Why? Marketers will be taking more control of their media spend.
  • High Demand For Entertainment Dollars: Don't Game Your Prices
    Video game revenue -- software and hardware sales -- grew 18% to $43.4 billion in 2018. TV consumers spent around $100 billion on in-home traditional pay TV services last year.
  • Is Netflix A Movie Studio, TV Production Company Or Digital Service?
    Netflix is spending a whopping $20 million in marketing for its acclaimed theatrical release "Roma," receiving 10 Oscar nominations for the movie and 13 overall.
  • Roku Flexes OTT Ad Muscle
    Roku gets more ad-related business revenues than from its set-top-box devices. Estimates from eMarketer show Roku will get to $433 million in ad revenues in 2019.
  • YouTube Says Its Platform Is Now 'Brand Safe'
    AT&T was among the first companies to stop paying to advertise on YouTube, saying it wouldn't return until changes were made. They have -- and AT&T is back.
  • Possible CBS, Viacom Merger: Everything Old Is New Again
    Another benefit of a merger may be carriage negotiations with traditional pay TV providers or virtual pay TV services to leverage group network deals.
  • Netflix Raises Prices, New Challenges For Rivals
    When viewed against traditional pay TV systems' monthly prices -- around $80 to $120 depending on the service -- Netflix sounds like a great deal.
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