• TV Authentication Push Is Official
    It is why NBCU announced an effort to launch a new, mostly ad-supported streaming service -- consisting of live programming (including CNBC), on-demand and library programming, as well as third-party content.
  • Investment In VR/Augmented Reality Is Down
    There is just not much scale. Consumers aren't there in a big way. This happens a lot in TV land: There's big promise and theoretical possibilities -- and then a letdown.
  • Is This The End Of Media Sharing? Hello, Ephemeral Content!
    Content sharing is part of modern TV media consumption. But how much is legal, quasi-legal and just downright illegal?
  • What's More Important: TV Brands Or Hits?
    The argument of brand-over-program also goes to the idea of "safety" -- not just for consumers in finding shows they might like, but also for TV advertisers looking to safely run their media schedules.
  • Trump's Net Approval Is Down, TV Data One Part Of Nuanced Picture
    Trump is at a net approval rating of negative 12.7 percentage points, looking at like-to-like length of presidential days in office through 720 days. Conversely, President Obama climbed into a net positive on the approval/disapproval numbers -- 1.9 percentage points.
  • Entertainment Costs Are Rising. Will Consumers Still Buy?
    Consumers are paying more for entertainment: movies and sports events are higher. Even with cord-cutting, many believe paying for TV isn't a luxury -- it's a necessity.
  • Netflix's 'Bird Box' Viewing Stats Are Eye-Opening
    Netflix says the movie pulled in 45 million of its "accounts," those who watched at least 70% of the movie. But actual number of viewers? Hmmm... one, two, three per account? Netflix didn't go that far.
  • CBS, Nielsen Hit Stalemate
    A world without Nielsen ratings? CBS, in theory, might be tempting that notion. The reality is that it is currently impossible to operate a TV network in the long term without Nielsen -- and without TV advertisers.
  • New Attributes Needed In Search For TV Shows
    Gracenote's new video descriptors will label TV shows. Some of the terms include "rise to stardom" or "more conflict situations." Other shows will have more granular categories, noting moods, themes, scenarios and characters.
  • Does TV Benefit From Less Social Media Sharing?
    Linear TV consumption doesn't have the same tools to leverage more viewing -- although many traditional TV networks do have their own websites.
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