• What Was On Your TV Mind When The Lights Went Out And The World Ended?
    This could be my last communique -- at least according to the Mayans. If that's the case, no worries. The best part is that all television will have wiped the slate clean in more ways than one. Everything gets a new start in the new world -- no charter advertising deals, no pre-existing below-market CPM for long-time advertisers, no long-time costly and unproductive network deals for producers who lost their way a long time ago, and no big media
  • Media Consolidation And De-Consolidation -- Does The Internet Help Or Hinder?
    Fretting about media consolidation in the digital age? Are there real alternatives? Maybe the issues come down to news and information.
  • Expect Higher TV Prices -- But Not In The Traditional Places
    Think that $8 a month deal for Netflix or Hulu Plus is good, especially when compared to an $80 average for the likes of DirecTV, Comcast, Dish or Time Warner? That's why you can expect prices to climb. A lot.
  • What Do Young Viewers Actually Want From Traditional TV?
    How do you draw digital-centric millennials to a new entertainment company? If you answered, "Start another social media service, website, or premium entertainment service," you'd be wrong. For some, the better answer is to start an old-fashioned cable network.
  • How To Turn Around Losing Streaks In TV And Sports -- Or At Least Get A Laugh
    Are you a TV executive having a bad day or year? How about a 14,000-night losing streak spanning more than 40 years? The Washington Generals -- those hapless basketball players who play the Harlem Globetrotters in mostly entertainment-oriented games -- have that kind of sad record, losing more than 14,000 times to the Globetrotters since 1971.
  • With Lower Volume TV Ads, What Comes Next?
    Lower volume on TV advertising has started. It's another blow for marketers looking to get noticed. What comes next?
  • TV Marketers: C3 Or C7? Whatever Works For You
    TV marketers, it's time to put on your big-boy pants and figure out future TV metrics. C3 or C7? You choose.
  • TV Brand Transformations Mean Busy Logos -- Sometimes With Feathers
    As a media company, how "busy" are you? Logo-wise, that is. Comcast Corp. took the iconic rainbow-laden peacock off NBCUniversal's logo when it became major owner in January 2011. Senior executive Steve Burke said the logo and the peacock were "too busy." But apparently not THAT busy for Comcast. In preparation for Comcast's 50th anniversary, the company is bringing back the peacock for its corporate logo.
  • Is Streaming TV At 30,000 Feet A Flight Of Fancy?
    Higher prices to fly, rising baggage fees -- and, of course, flight delays. But we still can't use our tablets while flying to catch up on last week's "Modern Family"?
  • Will Increased TV Sports 'Taxes' Push Viewers Over The Cliff?
    Are you thinking about the fiscal cliff and what it might mean to your taxes? Have you also thought about the growing TV consumer sports "tax"? Liberty Media Chairman John Malone believes that's what TV consumers pay -- or at least viewers who don't watch sports regularly. "[Sports rights are] essentially a high tax on a lot of households that don't have a lot of interest in sports," said Malone.
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