• Is Native Advertising What Viewers Really Want, Or Just Another Form Of Disruption?
    A lot has been made about so-called "native" advertising, especially in the digital space. But what about on television?
  • Sports Fans Want TV Everywhere -- And Every Way
    Sports fans, claiming that local TV blackout rules are anti-competitive to their viewing pleasure, say that individual teams and their regional networks or broadcast stations should be able to compete with each other. So if you live in Los Angeles and want to buy and see an individual New York Yankees or New York Mets home game, you should be able to do so.
  • Multitasked Media Consumption May Mean Filling In The Pieces
    A news story on a TV screen sits high in a gym workout room. With no audio, an on-screen message at the bottom of the screen appears to complement what a CNN anchor is saying: "Hundreds Killed In Chicago. At least five people working out stop immediately. They watch without blinking. A video finally appears, and it's reporting on long-term, increased violence in the Windy City. One viewer then says something everyone watching wants to hear: "Not all at the same time! Whew!"
  • Traditional Media Waits Patiently For TV/Video Advertising Currency To Change
    Major media content creators believe they still hold the upper hand for getting every bit of their TV shows' viewing accounted for on new digital platforms. Confidence is high. But a firm schedule of those changes is another matter.
  • With Imperfect Fast-Forwarding Ability, What Gets Through The Device Glut
    How are your fast-forwarding skills? Blowing through all those commercials for the iPhone5 or Geico insurance, or that trailer for the end-of-the-year horror movie from a major studio? How perfect are you when it comes to getting through all of it? The TV Watch family isn't all that good at it, so we're pissed. No, we don't get our knickers in a twist if some commercials for a new cholesterol-fighting drug slip through. But we do resent something less obvious: late local news promos.
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