• More Ads Appear On TV, Digital Media
    Worried about traditional TV networks' increasing ad loads? We may need to keep an eye on some digital platforms, too. Let's start with YouTube running two pre-roll ads instead of one.
  • Looking For New TV 'Hits'? Be More Specific -- Or More Complex
    How do we define "hit"? Is it improving on its lead-in programming? Is it trending higher results? Are there key pockets of viewers growing? And what about digital exposure?
  • Sports For U.S. TV Groups: Wherever You Can Get It, Even Outside The U.S.
    Discovery's golf programming outside the U.S. may be a way to keep one foot in the sports arena -- and a move toward bigger U.S.-based sports programming deals in the future.
  • Trump's Global TV Network Plans: Few Facts, Wrong "F" Word?
    Trump has proposed a "state-run" media network as a foil to his favorite target, CNN. Slow news day, here? Is there a tongue in someone's cheek -- somewhere?
  • Hours Of TV Watching: Great For Networks, Not For Your Health
    Nearly 26% of adults sit down more than eight hours a day -- and over half of that sitting time is attributed to TV viewing.
  • OTT Platforms Grab Bigger Ad Gains
    Digital OTT platforms are going after a bigger catch -- a share of national TV advertising. That could prove more lucrative in the long run.
  • Facebook Traffics In Journalism, But The Lines Are Blurry
    Facebook can spend the next several decades hiring thousands of "monitors" or editors, but how will they catch up with the billions of pieces of information that need to be fact-checked?
  • TV Production Outlays Climb To $100 Billion
    Why spend so much money on original premium content? To fuel new digital platforms -- in particular, OTT app-platforms -- to gain some direct-to-consumer independence from third-party pay TV network distributors.
  • The New Virtual Pay TV Plan: Do It Yourself
    AT&T says the next generation of home technology for DirecTV Now, its internet-delivered live, linear TV service, will come in a self-serve box.
  • TV Shifts: Is Disney The Only Challenger To Netflix?
    Consumers who want films and TV series look to the digital media world, which offers ample selections. Netflix is now a necessary piece of that TV ecosystem.
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