• Premium Big-Priced Theatrical Movies On Small Screens Won't Work
    At its annual Cinema-Con trade show, movie-studio executives mulled the idea of selling new theatrically movies through "premium" video on demand services on big-screen, high-quality TV sets -- priced at $30 to $50 for each showing. It's hard to see millennial cord-cutters buying the idea.
  • Millennials Want Better On Demand, Not OTT
    Many millennials believe subscription video on demand services offer the same or delayed content as skinny OTT services. And the love Netflix.
  • TV Marketers' YouTube Quandary: Impossibly Instant Media Buys
    Google needs to act even more like TV as it approaches the big upfront TV advertising market. Focus on the program.
  • Hello, I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Media Name?
    What's in a media or entertainment brand name? Hope for a lot more than a just quick romance. Media and entertainment brands will create some awareness, tease you a little, and then maybe slightly mislead you.
  • Digital Video, Trad TV Play The Scarcity Game
    Concerns overall about digital media -- including fraud and viewability -- were the highlight of last year's upfront -- and this year's, too. For traditional media buyers looking to find new audiences in a TV world still on the decline, this isn't good news.
  • OTT Vs. Traditional Pay TV: Digital No Longer A Supplement
    OTT is looking to "replace" traditional pay TV services: cable, satellite or telco. Sling TV is now estimated to have more than 1 million subscribers. Overall, the company says it now has 13.7 million pay TV subscribers -- from both its satellite pay TV business and its OTT pay TV business.
  • March Madness Viewership Up, Question Of Paying Players A Nonstarter
    NCAA's men's basketball tournament had its best opening-weekend numbers in 24 years -- but the question of paying its players remains unpopular. A new poll of college students believe college athletes should not be paid - scholarships are a sufficient benefit.
  • Amazon Lets Viewers Pick TV Shows
    Amazon sent an email around asking customers to decide on TV pilots it is considering for its Prime Video streaming service. That's nice. But in the end, we all know its Amazon executives who really decide.
  • If President Trump Likes Disruption, He Should Try a New Career: Reporter
    President Trump, if you listening, I have three words for you: Don't be greedy. C'mon, you're president! You won the election. Now, it's time to learn a new skill.
  • Maddow's 'Tax Scoop' Delivered Higher Ratings For Marketers
    Despite the praise -- and some ridicule -- of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's scoop about getting President Donald Trump's 2005 tax return, perhaps we should look a little deeper at news networks.
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