• GDPR, Upfronts Face Long-Term Consumer Data Issues
    A survey of top media buyers and planners at 32 major media agencies asked what percentage of their clients' consumer data would become "unusable" given the new regulations. The average of all responses was 43%. (The highest response was 85%.)
  • ABC Cancels 'Roseanne' Just Before Upfront
    What if ABC kept "Roseanne" going? A lower, but somewhat sizable audience would probably still watch it. And the advertising? Virtually no big or medium-sized TV marketers would be buying the show.
  • NFL's TV Anthem: Kneeling Players Out Of Camera Range, Standing Room Only
    President Trump's latest message to NFL players who offer a silent protest by kneeling during the national anthem during televised games: pack your bags and look for a foreign domicile. Is deportation next?
  • How Will TV Networks Handle Legacy Buyers?
    NBC and Fox, among other TV networks, have plans to reduce commercial loads in specific programming. For Fox, advertising pods could consist of just two spots. Legacy marketers are not amused.
  • More TV Data? You Can't Handle The Data!
    Are TV's numbers really all that bad? Not exactly. But we still don't have real concrete numbers to prove it.
  • Netflix Seeks 'Higher Ground' With Obamas
    What type of material will the Obamas favor? Something aspirational and uplifting. Perhaps nothing too political.
  • Premium TV Prospects? Define TV And Premium
    Ben Silverman, now chairman/co-CEO of Propagate Content, says competition is not only tough for content, but everyone is much smarter.
  • Lawyers Can Make Compelling TV
    Think about a TV news/opinion show starring Michael Avenatti and Anthony Scaramucci. The players: A lawyer representing Stormy Daniels (a porn star who has filed suit against President Trump), and a former White House Communications director for President Trump, respectively.
  • Non-Sports TV Packages May Be The Next Wave In Cord-Cutting
    Many believe low vMVPD price tags may not last -- especially as sport TV rights fees rise on a nonstop basis, even with mediocre, but mostly steady, sports TV viewing.
  • Media Mergers Are In Flux
    The media business may be in a state of heightened panic. Keen media execs in TV and media may be looking into the future for other content beyond premium TV-film entertainment, social media and user-generated content.
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