• 2 Networks Limit Prime-Time Ad Inventory
    NBC is seeking an overall plan of 10% pullback. Fox is initially targeting less clutter on its Sunday-night animated programming, just two TV commercials per advertising pod. This will work its way into other programming later in the year.
  • How Will TV Benefit From Legal State Sports Betting?
    "It will be a new form of entertainment," says Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, citing possible efforts in and around stadiums, arenas and ballparks. "It is going to improve our [TV] ratings."
  • Will Digital Advertisers Move Into The TV Space At The Upfront?
    While TV networks work in messages for their upfront presentations about brand safety and viewability, it seems like a good time to take a deeper look at the competition.
  • Trump Claims 91% Fake News Coverage - Where's The Math?
    Even adding up other cable TV network news' programming sources, it would be tough to get to the 91% number. And what about the other 9%? No surprise here: Trump didn't have any Nielsen measurement links included to sustain his claim.
  • The Big Reason For TV Consolidation Is Content
    Rising revenues that come to traditional TV-based media companies as retrans/subscription revenue and content sales, movies, TV and other businesses are iffy. So what's the best argument for consolidation?
  • Digital Media Ponders Line Extensions -- With Or Without Advertising
    OK, Netflix, take a look around you. The ad-supported social media platform Facebook is mulling: an ad-free subscription. So... might you think of going in the other direction?
  • Is Google A Threat To TV Stations?
    Google local media revenue -- search and local advertising on YouTube -- is now at $19 billion, according to BIA Advisory Services -- virtually the same number that local TV stations pulled collectively in local advertising.
  • Retrans Fees Often Blamed For TV Blackouts
    Who's at fault? Pay TV providers blame TV stations; TV stations blame TV providers.
  • What Happens When Media Platforms Exhaust Users?
    Social media may be taxing, but in the TV landscape for young consumers, there is no fear of missing out.
  • Ad-Supported Digital Media Still Relies On Legacy TV For Major Content
    There is an opportunity for traditional TV network companies to work with ad-supported digital media players -- including other social media players like Twitter.
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