• Trump Threatens TV Stations Airing PAC Ads
    His campaign issued a cease-and-desist letter to TV stations running an ad from Priorities USA Action. In the ad, it references Trump using the word "hoax" in discussions of coronavirus.
  • Premium 'Theatrical' Movies At Home For $20? Price And Perception May Collide
    TV and movie business executives don't understand consumers' monthly pocketbooks and their terror of a declining economy.
  • What's The Outlook For The Media Supply-And-Demand Formula?
    TV-focused marketers already sense there will be a sizable drop in spending. GroupM believes that what TV advertiser budgets are available could primarily head to the broadcast networks -- and away from cable networks.
  • Younger Viewers Watch More Local TV, Given COVID-19 News
    To keep these viewers long-term, local TV newscasts may need to redefine what kind of news content -- as well as how it is presented -- can sustain younger demos.
  • What Do Sports Fans Miss Most? The Drama!
    "Modern Family," "Wheel of Fortune," "Big Bang Theory" and "Good Morning America" topped the list of what sports fans are watching.
  • TV Creative In The Time Of COVID-19
    Some TV messaging is referencing what U.S. consumers face, such as from automakers and restaurant chains.
  • How The Pandemic Changes The TV Upfront
    Prepare for the $20 billion upfront TV advertising market to be delayed. Then prepare for more short-term decisions to be made in media buying for traditional TV and new digital TV platforms.
  • TV Viewing Is Up, Will Advertisers Follow?
    As big sports franchises cancel games, there may be some shifts in brand sponsors looking for general-awareness messaging.
  • TV Networks Nimble On Sports Changes, Given COVID-19 Impact
    With no live sports programming to air -- NBA basketball games, NCAA Tournament highlights, pre-season Major League Baseball -- creativity is key.
  • TV Execs Focus On Consumer Demand, Some Politicians Push $1,000 Payments
    This move also comes as key indicators, such as the stock market, continue to sink.
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