• 'Shut Up' Media: Business Is Growing, News Organizations Are Hiring
    The media is doing more journalistic work. In addition, news organizations are making money and, in keeping with a Trump Administration goal -- creating jobs for people in the U.S.
  • CBS' Star Power: Linear TV Promotions Push Premium Digital Content
    CBS is looking at a new marketing design, bridging traditional linear TV show marketing and a digital media platform -- this for its upcoming "The Good Fight" to air on CBS All Access.
  • NBA Team Logos Gain Views, But Engagement?
    Watching the NBA next season, you'll need to get a little closer to your TV screen if you want to get the full impact of viewing players garments from Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings and the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Mixed Results For 4Q TV Station Ad Revs
    Even despite the somewhat lower-than-expected political advertising revenues, some TV station groups are cheering the windfall that 2016 bought. But are "core" TV advertisers -- those consistent year in and year out buyers of TV ad inventory -- getting the shaft around these periods?
  • High Prices Mean Fewer Unscripted TV Shows On Cable Networks
    In recent years, it has been original programming of all kinds that is key to cable network growth -- from advertiser revenues, as well as higher carriage fees from traditional pay TV providers.
  • Trump Inauguration Media Data -- TV, Digital -- Does It Matter?
    White House press secretary Sean Spicer keeps insisting that if you add networks streaming numbers along with social media, Trump's inaugural was the most watched ever. Sorry, Sean. You can't simply add Internet viewing metrics to traditional TV viewing measures.
  • TV Stations Worry That Facebook Is Taking Over Mobile, Digital News
    All Facebook needs to do to reach more prized local TV station viewers is a bit of marketing. That will pull more news readers/video consumers onto their platforms -- and out of TV stations' audiences.
  • Access Is Key For TV/Video Content, But At What Price?
    Isn't the entire media world moving to digital? Yes, but that current world continues to be tremendously fractionalized. In other words, the network will have a tough time getting scale.
  • Cable Future Is Tough For High-Flying TV Net Groups
    It isn't just TV networks looking to find the right formula. Pay TV distributors -- those who carry networks -- need to make tough choices as well.
  • TV/Movie Content Producers Push High-Quality Shows As Solid Business Plan
    Whether a big or medium-size growing TV-media company, the strategy is clear when working in the premium TV-movie game. Spend heavily on TV-movie production dollars for top programming and the buyers -- on any platform -- will show up.
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