• The Steep Price Of Cord Cutting
    The long-term failed belief is that TV and entertainment customers, with an insatiable appetite for all things entertainment, will continue to keep paying. Many believe small-to-midsize cable networks will get hurt with new virtual pay TV providers of live, linear networks.
  • Is This Year's Upfront A New Story Or Rerun?
    Many TV networks are trying to determine how to give TV marketers all they want. NBCUniversal's "CFlight" effort -- which offers a single audience guarantee for all screens -- is only one area.
  • Are New TV Networks Coming -- Or Just New Definitions?
    Sinclair claimed that a new national TV network is not a goal. According to Pew Research Center, 67% of Americans get at least some of their news on social media. Maybe the industry needs a rethink.
  • Politicians Turn To Social Media To Gain TV Time
    Don't look for many politicians to start up real ad-supported TV news and/or commentary sites for profit. Think more of an elaborate social media platform.
  • AT&T Joins The Race For Cheap, Linear TV Services
    Like others that have announced low-cost plans, AT&T Watch will consist of a number of non-sports cable TV networks. It will cost $15 a month and will be free to AT&T Wireless consumers.
  • Will Sinclair's Purchase Of Tribune Cause More Blackouts?
    A completed Sinclair deal to buy Tribune would give it enough stations to cover 70% of U.S TV homes. Current federal rules for station groups are capped at 39%. Thus, Sinclair would need some changes from the FCC. And consumers would brace for possible content changes.
  • Best Buy Makes Amazon Fire TV Deal, Roku Despairs
    Roku's system, which is a major competitor to Amazon Fire TV, saw its stock sink on Wednesday's Best Buy announcement.
  • Sean Hannity, The Entertainer, Needs A New Tagline
    Fox News' Sean Hannity is no journalist; he has said as much. However, he may be a entertainer. Still, he needs a marketing fixer to fully achieve that status.
  • MSNBC Drops News Ticker, Rivals Retain It
    MSNBC has joined the ranks in "cleaning" its big TV screen by eliminating the news ticker that runs on the bottom of the TV screen on some of its shows. It wants more focus on single storytelling issues.
  • TV Dominates, But Digital Media Is A Fixture
    TV viewers are spending an average of 3 hours and 13 minutes a day watching live TV, which is up 26% from last year. Streaming TV is also on the rise.
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