• Facebook Ad Prices Climb, Advertisers Keep Buying
    TV networks have been in this mode (kind of) for decades. Facebook has a different problem. For many, it has to do with stewardship of existing advertising inventory.
  • Legalized Sports Betting Is Here, But Rise In TV Viewing Hasn't Followed
    Given the sizable revenue from sports betting, one might have expected a significant uptick in TV viewership.
  • Will Tech Companies Dive Into The Entertainment Industry?
    Consumers engage deeply with all things entertainment. That could be a future part of every tech company's broader strategy.
  • A la Carte Cable TV May Spell Disaster For Networks, Customers Alike
    Imagine, every month, if all U.S.customers were offered an option to pick and choose only the networks they wanted. That would cause major disruption.
  • Will Legacy TV Streamers Share More Data With Marketers, Producers?
    Advertisers and creatives may be demanding more data from streamers -- especially in the age of fractionalizing media.
  • Football Tops Live TV Programming In 2019
    Live programming continues to be a main attraction for traditional linear TV networks, perhaps more so this year. But you need to have the right live content.
  • Netflix Unmoved By Any Disney+ Success
    Disney+ is now at nearly 36% of Netflix's current 67 million U.S. subscribers. But Netflix this year is releasing more than 371 original TV shows and movies -- a big draw.
  • Making Sense Of Media-Branded Political Polls
    What does common wisdom mean when viewers tune into TV news networks that agree with their existing opinions?
  • A Kiss Is Just A Kiss - Even In A TV Wedding Ad
    Hallmark Channel's ad flip-flop is hard to fathom. It sells LGBTQ greeting cards and features such couples in Hallmark Cards commercials!
  • AVOD Solves Declining Ad Pricing Of Linear Big-Budget Scripted TV
    Some analysts believe the ad-supported streaming model could boost high-production/scripted TV programming.
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