• GM And Other Advertisers Pull Out Of A Racy 'Survivor'
    General Motors' is leaving the "Survivor" chase--but it has nothing to do with the change in format that will pit teams segregated by race. That's according to GM and CBS. The big question is, will other advertisers make the same decision--and, more important, what will be their reasons.
  • Couric Slims Down for CBS' Promo Magazine, But Should CBS Be Beefing Up Instead?
    Feasting on a marketing blitz in taking over "The CBS Evening News" in September, Katie Couric is everywhere--working so hard she appears to be missing meals. Or, is that just a retouched photograph? It's the latter.
  • ABC Is Right To Resurrect Prime-Time Football
    This Saturday, ABC will debut what may prove to be the most astute scheduling maneuver of the 2006-07 season: prime-time football. Could be smarter than ABC shifting "Grey's Anatomy" to Thursday, CBS making a bid to capture "Grey's" old Sunday spot with "Without A Trace" or NBC opting to air all originals of "ER."
  • Even The Emmys Are Bearable With Flick Of A Finger
    NBC should wish its Emmys results were a harbinger for business during the new season--one that'll also keep viewers' fingers off the clicker and fast-forward buttons on their remotes.
  • The CW: Free To Be... Another Network Looking For Green
    The dominant color of the new CW network is green. There is only one thing that's relatable here: money, which the network says it'll be making from day one.
  • In Risky Move, 'Survivor' Cast Will Team Up Along Racial Lines
    CBS' "Survivor" is doing whatever any aging reality show needs to do sometimes--step into controversy. But this move could lead to financial consequences that could leave the show somewhat stranded.
  • Media Lesson From Paramount Pictures: Behavior Means Business
    The movie business, like the TV business, is always about equal amounts of commerce and conduct. And then there's Tom Cruise....
  • Snakes On The Plain: Bland Movie Marketing
    Internet marketing-wise, "Snakes on a Plane" is more like "Snacks on a Plane." Instead of the producers giving us a thrilling movie about the Mob looking to kill a witness under protection by loading a plane with poisonous snakes, they delivered ordinary salted peanuts and pretzels.
  • Couric Brings New Colors To Prime-time Network News
    Everything about Katie Couric's debut as the anchor of "The CBS Evening News" can be found in these four words: ginger root maple laminate. That's the color and description of Couric's new desk. Viewers will obviously know what that means--especially compared to the darker mahogany furniture used by her predecessors Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer. News can be a seriously gloomy subject.
  • TV Eases Pain--But Causes It, Too
    It seems that TV can help alleviate the pain of kids who are ill. This concept seems to go against current thinking; the electronic elixir is also known to be at the root of some modern maladies.
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