• Trump Rules Out Media Sources, Promises To 'Do Something' About Press
    We know Trump is a provocateur. But telling the media how it should work is absurd, ridiculous, insulting, and wrong. Is he familiar with the First Amendment?
  • Despite Injuries, Scandal, NFL Delivers Ad Revs, Viewership
    Considering predictable declines to other TV network prime-time programming -- including scripted and non-sports unscripted programming -- one can bet little if anything will change in TV marketers analysis of their NFL media plans.
  • TV-Print Boost Marketing To Combat Trump Lies
    The New York Times is airing its Oscars TV commercial. According to media industry estimates, it is costing Oscars advertisers around $2.1 million or so for a spot on ABC this year.
  • OTT Vs. Traditional Pay TV: Digital No Longer A Supplement
    OTT now looks to "replace" those traditional pay TV services -- cable, satellite or telco. Estimates are Sling TV has more than 1 million subscribers now. Overall, the company says it now has 13.7 million pay TV subscribers -- from both its satellite pay TV business and its OTT pay TV business.
  • Will Trump Push Ad Boycotts Of 'Fake News'?
    Advertiser boycotts of TV and/or the news media aren't new. But where does it go now -- with the auger of "fake news" clouding up some consumers views about traditional media organizations?
  • Faced With Attacks, TV News Networks Defend Each Other
    Different TV news networks may be like "dogs and cats living together" (thank you, "Ghostbusters") -- naturally fierce competitors. But now in the new world order of the Trump Administration, there may be a little less competition.TV news channels may be helping each other -- as journalism colleagues.
  • Wrong! Marketing A Theatrical Movie The Fake News Way
    For the New Regency-produced theatrical thriller "A Cure for Wellness," 21st Century Fox create fake news sites as part of its overall digital marketing campaign.
  • FCC Wants To Clean Up TV
    Over the air TV still has issues over obscene language and content. And their are rules and laws. The ongoing argument was prompted this time by the Grammys.
  • Will Glitzy Upfront Presentations Lower The Lights?
    Viacom will join other networks taking the low-key approach to upfront presentations. Who will take this step next?
  • Trump Admin Supplies High TV Drama
    President Trump brings. Does that mean TV drama -- or real-life drama? The chaos is real, not a figment of the press' imagination. Consider the events surrounding national security adviser Michael Flynn.
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