• It's Not TV, It's MHO
    As far as industries go, the TV advertising business is one of the most powerful examples of the notion that culture really does eat strategy. I guess it's because TV is such a powerful force within our pop culture. People simply care about it more than the average business, and so naturally seek to preserve its status quo, even when presented by new strategic visions. Over the decades I've covered the business, I've watched how the power of TV's culture ultimately forced even the most potentially game-changing developments to conform to it.
  • Nikki, You're So Fine
    Back in October of 1997, the television business was abuzz with a quote about then-NBC Entertainment President Warren Littlefield, attributed to his predecessor, Brandon Tartikoff. The quote appeared in a Nikki Finke-authored piece for Esquire. "You have to understand something about Warren," Tartikoff said, according to Finke. "He's a cockroach. He's going to survive nuclear war."
  • The Comfort Of Nostalgia TV
    Sometimes, you just want to pretend the world of economic turmoil and terrorism doesn't exist, that health care is affordable and the middle class still exists. For many, that means MeTV and Antenna TV.
  • Advertisers Looking For Riskier TV Concepts: Will Viewers Watch?
    Sex in a box -- as a TV show? Okay, first question: How big is the box? Can you get everything necessary you need into that box? I don't know all the details of the new WE TV reality show called "Sex Box," with a concept imported from the U.K. Whatever is included, blankets, pillows and couches should be optional.
  • Cable Operators Lure Millennials To Monetize The Future
    Cable operators and other pay TV providers are continually worried about cord-cutting -- or increasingly "cord-nevers" for many millennials.
  • A TV Esprit De Corps: Watching More Video, Ads While Rooting For Your Favorite NFL Team Live
    Some big time sports entertainment venues would like you to be jettisoned from your sofa into more outdoor events -- to do what else, watch even more video.
  • Everyone Pays The NFL -- Even The Biggest Musical Stars?
    In a fractionalizing media world, those with sustaining leverage, might now realized they have a big card to play. Take the NFL and the Super Bowl.
  • MTV's "VMAs" Are Nearly Here: Will Parents Be Shocked? Will TV Marketers?
    Seems like a broken record now: MTV's "Video Music Awards" are nearly upon us (August 24) and everyone wonders how the big renegade TV music awards show will be outrageous this time. What does that mean for your brand?
  • Canceling Social Media, Trolls: Don't Step Into The Ring
    In the recent past, editors might pick select point of views from readers and place them in their letters to the editor section. Now with digital media, we know it's open season: the wild West. Shoot and ask questions later. Everyone can now take a whack at the media, in the comments section. Entertaining? Sometimes. Instructive? Hmm...
  • Blurring The TV Picture For Consumers -- To Give MORE Benefits?
    A TV consumer marketing strategy that blurs some lines? Might be a plan to get consumers to do what the big TV content and distribution companies want. After years of consumers controlling DVR time-shifting, Comcast wants to see if they can be lured to more VOD services, something it has been pushing for several years.
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