A TV Esprit De Corps: Watching More Video, Ads While Rooting For Your Favorite NFL Team Live

Do you need to “de-couch” this fall -- for the open air of some bone-crunching gridiron action?

Some big time sports entertainment venues would like you to be jettisoned from your sofa into more outdoor events -- to do what else, watch even more video.

So it doesn’t really mean getting away from your home TV screen -- just using your mobile screens at big events -- to watch a replay, to take picture, look up score, player data, whatever.

Levi’s Stadium -- new home for the new San Francisco 49ers -- is one of the biggest efforts by an NFL team to bring technology to live events. (And, of course, Levi’s Stadium, is right smack in that Northern California technology area -- you-know-what-valley).

Levi’s Stadium is an state of the art venue -- wi-fi, environmental and and otherwise.  For example, it has 40 gigabits/second wi-fi technology for fans to access with their mobile devices — four times the NFL standard. Plenty of HD screens are also available everywhere.



Mind you, there are plenty of other places -- Berlin nightclubs for example -- where the mere raising of one arm with a smartphone in hand will get you tossed out of the place. Some believe being off-the-grid, and off-media, in general, has its own rewards when at public venues.

The NFL wouldn’t dare look to confiscate personal devices -- not when those screens provide big time opportunities for additional NFL fan sharing of content -- also called free marketing, to others.

But if you really are seeking real tangible ways to get people to go see a live professional football game there is always financial incentives to consider.

Interviewing one sports business analyst on Wednesday, CNBC’s “Street Signs” c0-anchor Amanda Drury asked:
“How about cutting ticket prices?”

Now why would the NFL want to do that? Let the supply-and-demand market decide. If NFL consumers want to pay for high ticket prices and be subject to even more digital advertising via their mobile screens -- if not maybe a few outright fees -- why not?

Who won the first Levi’s Stadium game? The Denver Broncos crushed the 49ers in the pre-season opener, 34-0. Your mobile app has the highlights.

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  1. David Kissel from InStadium, August 21, 2014 at 4:56 p.m.

    Great article, Wayne, and the subject of fans' use of mobile devices in live sports is certainly timely. Our internal data shows that upwards of 90% of fans have smart phones with them on game day, and that fans are already using the devices in significant numbers to text, take pictures and post socially. We're hearing from fans they want their mobile device to enhance their game day experience, and the leagues, teams, and brand advertisers are increasingly understanding this is a big opportunity.

  2. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited, August 21, 2014 at 8:13 p.m.

    Sad, very sad.

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