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  • Univision, Other Midsize, Small Broadcast TV Networks Score Seasonal Viewing Gains in Television News Daily on 05/22/2020

    A number of mid-size and small, locally based digital networks have seen hikes in viewing. Univision grew 6% to 1.46 million average prime-time viewers as well as its young-skewing sister network UniMas, up 40% to 523,000 viewers.

  • Big TV Network Groups' National Ad Revenues Sink 35% To 50% In April in Television News Daily on 05/22/2020

    April witnessed major legacy TV network companies being hit with massive 30% to 50% declines in national TV ad revenues. Major TV advertisers significantly reduced advertising on prime-time entertainment and other daypart programs in April. The biggest decline was with WarnerMedia, with a decline of 50.8% in national TV advertising, according to Standard Media Index.

  • It's Becoming A 4K TV World in TV Watch on 05/22/2020

    Bloomberg Media, pay TV providers and new streamers are utilizing 4K options. Technology marches on.

  • Global TV Ad Revenue Trimmed 6% From Previous Growth Estimates in Television News Daily on 05/21/2020

    Global TV ad revenue will lose 6% of its expected growth due to COVID-19 over the next 5 years, with total global online entertainment advertising pulling back by 5%, according to Ampere Analysis. The market-leading data and analytics firm says the worldwide TV and online entertainment ad market will be the hardest-hit over the next two years, down $40 billion in growth in 2020 and $43 billion in 2021. In a pre-COVID-19 estimate, Statista said global TV advertising totaled $166.3 billion for 2019 and is estimated to grow to $177.7 billion by 2023. Annually, U.S. TV advertising revenue is at around $70 billion, according to a number of projections.

  • Local TV 2020 Ad Forecast Lowered 5% To $18.5 Billion in Television News Daily on 05/21/2020

    One forecast for U.S. local TV station advertising has been lowered from a previous projection by around $1 billion, or 5%, due to COVID-19 issues. BIA Advisory Services now estimates that 2020 will see $18.5 billion in local TV's over-the-air/digital media, down from an earlier $19.4 billion projection. Over-the-air TV ad revenue is now forecast to come in at $17.0 billion, down from $17.9 billion, while local TV's digital revenue will remain the same at $1.5 billion.

  • What Will Change For Pay TV In Future in TV Watch on 05/21/2020

    Many sports fans are complaining they should be charged less for cable services, especially with the lack of live sports, specifically MLB and NBA games.

  • Automated TV Ad-Buying Platform Hudson MX Strikes TV Attribution Deal With TVSquared in Television News Daily on 05/20/2020

    The deal will provide more competitive "business outcome" measurement for local TV ad deals beyond traditional Nielsen or ComScore metrics of gross ratings points and/or impressions, and will give advertisers real-time measurement of campaign performance, website and in-store traffic to help TV stations compete with digital media platforms. In 2019, Hudson MX says, $5 billion of local TV advertising flowed through automated systems among 700 media buyers, 30 media-buying companies, with 1,200 of 1,800 TV stations receiving an RFP.

  • Prime-Time TV Season Ends Down 5%, Fox Leads Among 18-49 Viewers in Television News Daily on 05/20/2020

    For CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, total average prime-time viewing is down to a collective average of 26.4 million viewers -- for the period from Sept. 24 - May 10, vs. 27.6 million a year ago, per Nielsen's live program-plus seven days (L7) of time-shifted viewing analysis.

  • CBS' Fall Season: 2 New TV Shows, Slower Upfront Ad Market in Television News Daily on 05/19/2020

    Due to industry-shaking COVID-19 disruptions, CBS enters the upfront advertising market assuming deal-making could be a drawn-out affair.

  • Relaxing Future Digital Rules For Legacy TV Station Owners in TV Watch on 05/20/2020

    The trouble is, TV stations have had a weak performance when it comes to digital extensions of their business.

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