• Commercial-Free Sports TV? Fox Takes A Solo Shot
    For its Dec. 30 game between St. John's and Seton Hall women's basketball teams on its FS2 network, the telecast will have no TV commercials.
  • Broadcast, Ad-Supported Cable Witness Declines, But Digital TV On Roll
    Current scripted results speak to where the new on-demand TV marketplace is going -- and what consumers will pay for it. The shift of high-priced scripted TV programs to digital platforms means there is no turning back.
  • Sinclair, Kushner Disagree About Trump's Media Access
    For Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to insist the campaign got better access from Sinclair Broadcasting isn't logical. Trump's wide availability to the press during the election cycle -- either through off-the-cuff interviews, rallies or other events -- set new heights.
  • When Fake News is Just Propaganda
    Fake news can be used to coerce, cause mischief, and keep one in their echo chamber. For a U.S. media organization -- TV, print, or digital-based (and no doubt there are overlaps here) -- this is their opportunity to make a real difference.
  • How Will The Media Industry Fare Under Trump?
    Stock market -- and indices -- are typically futuristic measures investors count on. But the market -- like the President-elect, is unpredictable. Trump has been against the big AT&T and Time Warner deal -- which seems to counter the common wisdom of previous Republican Presidents.
  • After Paying For Sports, What's Left For Sports Fans?
    Yes, sports networks are popular -- and lucrative. But with the rise of digital media's over-the-top platforms -- either from standalone networks, or packages of channels -- we enter a different world.
  • Are Advertisers Wrong About Target Audiences?
    TV marketers have long made associations as to who watches what kind of show, getting much stuff right. But there is spillage -- and in this diverse and changing media world, common assumptions may be wrong.
  • Worried About Fake, Partisan News? Be Your Own Journalist
    Veteran TV journalists looking to combat fake news need to start with the premise that the fight against untrue, completely false news stories, opinions and facts -- from the President-elect on down -- can yield boring or confusing TV.
  • One Successful Broadcast TV Strategy: Focus On The 'Big' Nights
    Live events -- sports, musicals or whatever -- can lure premium prices from advertisers because TV viewers are watching TV commercials in real time, not time-shifted.
  • Trump Continues To Make TV Money On 'Celebrity Apprentice'
    President-elect Donald Trump will continue to get NBC reality TV awareness -- in prime time. Will that cost him anything? Quite the contrary. Defying tradition, Trump has elected not to put his wide-ranging business interests in a legal blind trust.
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