• Does Social Media Pressure On Fan TV Favorites Work?
    Amazon cancelled its original TV show "Good Girls Revolt", based on the 1970 discrimination case at Newsweek, just weeks after starting up. Reports suggest viewers want it back.
  • Music Industry Is One Big Cable TV Network
    The music business is essentially turning into one big cable network, getting money from digital media services by way of advertising revenues and subscription fees -- YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music to name a few.
  • Ad Revs Will Save DirecTV Now
    The complaints -- and praise -- are in over DirecTV Now: Profits will be thin initially for the new digital pay TV provider. But long term, advertising is expected to be the service's savior.
  • Selling Off ESPN? Consider The Broadcast-Cable History Of Spinoffs First
    One media analyst believes Walt Disney would be better without ESPN-- that the volatility around the big cable TV network is a distraction when it comes to valuing parts of Disney's entertainment assets. Possibly ESPN could be spun off -- or sold to another buyer. The argument is that both Disney and ESPN could prosper better as separate entities, says Steve Cahall, a media analyst at RBC Capital Markets.
  • Breitbart Publicly Attacks Advertiser: How Will That Curry Business Favor?
    Imagine if CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News Channel publicly attacked one of its on-air advertisers, say GEICO, Quicken Loans, or UnitedHealthCare, because those marketers decided they didn't like CNN's opinionated and/or factual content. Let's go one better: Maybe one of those networks would support an actual boycott of those companies. No, that wouldn't happen. But online digital media publication Breitbart News thinks differently.
  • Will TV Station Groups Gain Greater Coverage With A Deregulatory-Minded Trump Administration?
    Under President-elect Donald Trump, executives are hoping for a bigger promise of a large national footprint with additional TV station acquisitions.
  • Theater Owners: Looking For A Digital Share From Movie Studios?
    First-run movies coming into your home -- and this time movie studio companies mean it. Theater owners, what say you?
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