• TV Networks Continue To Hype Sports Betting Businesses
    Virtually all TV-centric sports operations have some wagering/gaming connections. That includes ESPN, fuboTV and Sinclair Broadcast Group's regional sports network operations.
  • When Is A Good Time To Hide TV Advertising? (Wait. What?)
    Spain's public TV company RTVE was fined 730,000 euros ($859,000) recently for running "covert" advertising.
  • I'm Hanging Up Now: Millennial, Gen Z Smartphone Usage Drop, 65+ Adds Premium TV Time
    More at-home work and schooling changed everything last year, including digital behavior.
  • Future Midsize TV Biz Model: Swap Higher Linear TV Affiliate Revenues For Streaming Subs
    There is more potential long-term gain from distribution, subscription and ad revenues in streaming.
  • Cut! Maybe Streaming Theatrical Movies Aren't Taking Over The World
    A new deal with WarnerMedia and Regal Theaters gives theatrical movies an exclusive cinema period before moving to streaming.
  • New Name For Former President's Media Platform: Pump, Stump And Bump
    It's one thing when you are the current U.S. president, calling other elected officials in your party and the opposition jerks, pinheads and a-holes. But as an ex-president?
  • What Do We Call Cable Companies Now?
    Analysts have suggested an NBCU-Warner merger. The premise here is these two companies need to dramatically ramp up efforts to compete in the streaming space.
  • NFL Scores Dominating Rights Deal. Can Advertisers Stage A Comeback?
    TV networks will need to find ways to raise advertising pricing around the big NFL programming in the next decade.
  • Consumers Cash In Their Streaming Site Login/Password Data
    How valuable is your personal data, including the type of TV shows you watch?
  • Will YouTube Finally Make Inroads In The Upfront Market?
    Now, with ever more scattered premium TV and video impressions, it may be time for major brand advertisers to seek alternatives.
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