Consumers Cash In Their Streaming Site Login/Password Data

Maybe bitcoin or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) aren’t the only games: Selling login/passwords to your favorite streaming sites might be a thing, too.

Just days after Netflix said it was going to crack down on login/password sharing, a new survey of 1,000 adults from Red Points, an ad intelligence/brand protection company, shows 40% have resold login details/passwords for their streaming services; 58% paid for them online; and 66% of 18-30s purchased access to login details/passwords online.

Where does one sell them? Nearly 70% resell stuff on social media, 64% on ecommerce websites, 56% on marketplaces and 56% on end-to-end encrypted messaging sites.

The bottom line: Not only are people seeking the lowest-priced streaming services -- especially those low-cost,no-cost ad-supported platforms -- but as a side hustle, they are selling personal data from their subscription video on demand services.



How valuable is your personal data, including the type of TV shows you watch? Marketers of all types want to know -- it helps with the critical first-party data they collect. But it also includes many other parties -- ad-supported and otherwise.

Consider all the server information streaming platforms collect -- ad-supported and pure subscription stuff. We know Netflix, Amazon, Roku and others relish in this first-party data for a number of reasons.

Perhaps selling personal digital entertainment is just around the corner. Maybe users could sell off their real-time general activity when it comes to an afternoon of browsing Twitter, SnapChat or Instagram. Perhaps in selective value daytime and prime-time situations, this could be a money maker.

Maybe just ruminating time spent -- via online search -- whether to add more new streaming services could be a thing, too.

And if I’m planning a detailed, long post on Facebook, can I get a sponsor? Wait! Am I now a true content provider? Even better, maybe I can get Disney+ to pay me for watching “WandaVision.”

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