• Anti-Cable Ads Continue, Focused On Cost
    Pay TV cable companies are scary and evil - at least according to some new Sling TV commercials. Sling, owned by Dish Network, is one of the now-older "skinny" digital TV services, pursuing consumers who believe they are paying too much for entertainment. And what better way to do that than reigniting the anti-brand profile of TV's long-time-perceived poster child of high entertainment costs: cable.
  • TV/Video Trade Association? Strange Bedfellows, Secret Handshakes Welcome
    Google's YouTube just commissioned a study to suggest that YouTube and traditional TV actually help each other. Among other results, there was an 18% increase in tune-in on traditional TV airwaves of talk shows among those who watched content from those shows on YouTube.
  • Amazon Opens Stores -- So Should Netflix Take On Old-School Media Presence?
    Amazon is opening up more physical book stores? Don't scratch your head too much. Consumers like to have a physical, real-life presence with brands they like, and who doesn't like books? By this example, other new digital media companies should do the same: Take on a physical presence -- or at least, an old-time media presence. So, in that regard, Netflix should start a linear traditional TV network, cable or broadcast, complete with network promos -- and, yes, advertising.
  • TV Viewers Need Time To Adjust To Changing Brand Images
    TV transitions aren't easy. They take time -- just ask Simon Cowell or the CW.
  • Pay TV's Consumer Retention: Short-Term Or Longer?
    Media consumers continue to look for long-term entertainment price security. Unfortunately, they are not going to get it.
  • Vi The F**k?
    First Philippe Dauman. Then Larry Wilmore. Now Jim Gaffigan. Why has Viacom shown the door to three of its most talented men?
  • TV Olympics Data: Still Big -- But For How Long?
    Some Olympic viewership was down 30% at times, with TV advertisers guaranteed media deals under-delivering around 15% from 17%. Rio Games also had simultaneous live digital streaming, as well as competing Olympic coverage on NBC's cable networks -- something which London didn't have.
  • TV Stations' Political Ad Revenue Goals: Now Playing Catch-Up
    TV stations' crucial political advertising revenues aren't up to par this year -- in part due to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's reluctance, so far, to make any media buys.
  • New Trump Media Hires: For Long-Term, To Start Up Cable News Network?
    With Donald Trump's new high-profile media hires, it's time to talk about his next TV project. This will come probably sooner than you think -- especially if polls continue to show downtrending for the Republican candidate.
  • The Value Of Co-Viewing TV Programs
    Traditional TV networks continue to work all advertising angles. One of those angles flying somewhat under the radar is the "co-viewing" of parents and kids.
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