• Local TV Stations Turn To Datacasting As Revenue Source
    Datacasting on the ATSC 3.0 standard can flow more easily though all sorts of building material. Plus, it can reach more customers simultaneously and efficiently.
  • Expect Shorter Network TV Seasons
    Can legacy networks keep up with the shorter streaming seasons? They would need a different ad model.
  • Sinclair's Desperate Move To Save Regional Sports Networks
    What once seemed like easy money is becoming a money pit.
  • Trump, Biden Lay Out Big Ad Spend, But What's The Engagement Payoff?
    Hundreds of millions of ad dollars have been spent on elections - but candidates do not always get bang for their bucks.
  • Quibi May Have Survived If It Wasn't A Standalone Service
    A point of contention was Quibi's business model -- a subscription/advertising model. Perhaps a free/ad-supported model option would have been a better choice.
  • Clarification: Fox TV Earned 9.2M Viewers For First Game Of 2020 World Series
    In the column “Sports TV Ratings Are Sharply Down, No FOMO Fears” (TV Watch, October 23), the Fox Television Network earned a Nielsen-measured 9.2 million viewers for the first game of the 2020 World Series — down 25% from the same game in 2019.  Nielsen preliminary estimates for this year’s game one totaled 7.2 million viewers, which was initially reported.
  • Sports TV Ratings Are Sharply Down, No FOMO Fears
    So much for TV sports being the savior of the early part of the new TV season.
  • What Does AT&T Want To Keep?
    According to reports, AT&T wants to possibly sell DirecTV, Xandr, or... perhaps a kids TV network? The bigger question is what it hopes to retain.
  • Pandemic Blues? Let's Hear It For Media Nostalgia
    Take your nostalgic video, TV show, movie, music, art -- and give it a new ride for your fans. And your advertisers.
  • Russia Is Meddling In The Presidential Election - Again. What New Tricks Can We Expect?
    If you are an advertiser supporting iffy media platforms on TV, print and social media, consider your responsibilities to your brand -- and your customers.
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