• Biting The Hand That Feeds: Trump Threatens Twitter Shutdown
    Some say Twitter's recent move on Trump doesn't go over the line, that this activity can be selective in places where there is "imminent harm," as a former Facebook executive note on CNBC.
  • TV-Digital Video Marketers During Pandemic: Which Marketers Will Redo Deals?
    Advertisers are making big cancellations in their Q3 2020 deals made a year ago -- at around 20%. What's to prevent them from coming back into the "scatter" market?
  • Netflix Sends Gentle, Break-Up Nudge To Subscribers
    So confident is Netflix about its perceived strength in the market, it is offering to cancel subscribers who haven't been using the service.
  • Six Months In, Where Is Apple TV+?
    Entertainment is still new ground for Apple. TV and movies are a hit-driven, publicity-driven business -- something that is not completely in Apple's DNA.
  • It's Becoming A 4K TV World
    Bloomberg Media, pay TV providers and new streamers are utilizing 4K options. Technology marches on.
  • What Will Change For Pay TV In Future
    Many sports fans are complaining they should be charged less for cable services, especially with the lack of live sports, specifically MLB and NBA games.
  • Relaxing Future Digital Rules For Legacy TV Station Owners
    The trouble is, TV stations have had a weak performance when it comes to digital extensions of their business.
  • Live TV Sports Is Back, NASCAR Races To Higher Viewing
    More standard live TV sports flickered on screens this past weekend: soccer, car racing and golf.
  • At-Home Rules Have Cramped Quibi's Prospects
    And there is some promise for the original Quibi concept, considering slow stay-at-home openings for many states. People are still standing in line.
  • Can HBO Max Justify Its Higher Price?
    Despite its library, not all young TV/movie consumers understand HBO's connection to entertainment history.
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