• Which Networks Benefit From A Drop In Upfront Dollars?
    National TV revenue could drop to around $13 billion from a more typical $20 billion upfront marketplace, collectively pulled in from broadcast and cable networks and national syndication programs.
  • Pandemic Marketing: Sponsored Face Masks On Sports TV
    NFL teams started selling sports team-branded face masks online, which might start appearing on the sidelines of games this fall on players.
  • New Trump Campaign Ad: Making America Great Again, Again?
    "The Greatest Comeback Story is Written" is the theme of a new Trump ad. Where is that story written and did anyone bother to fact-check its claims?
  • Sinclair Hid Paid Advertising - And Paid A High Price For The Deception
    The big TV station group was fined $48 million by the FCC for three different actions.
  • CBS Renews Many Shows, But When Will They Air?
    TV and media executives are mulling a bifurcated start to the TV season -- some in September, some in January.
  • 4 Years Later: Does Trump Want To Own A TV Network Again?
    The idea is that a hard-core number of Fox News Channel viewers would follow the Trumps to a new TV news channel, which would be used as a promotional platform for all things Trump.
  • Disney's Wildest Ride: The Future Of Theme Parks, Movies, Sports TV
    Of the three big businesses, Disney's biggest revenue generator is its theme parks. How does re-opening work in a COVID-19 world? What happens if if the NFL and college football gets dinged this fall?
  • Should Pay TV Providers Have A Say In TV Scheduling, Rates?
    TV content and development is a double-edged sword. Having a shared partnership in TV content performance is a risk.
  • Should Studios, Movie Theaters Consider New TV Deals?
    Maybe there is a different kind of revenue-sharing agreement model to help promote the VOD business.
  • Has YouTube Stolen Ad Revenues From Legacy TV? Not Yet
    YouTube scored big results in its Q1 period -- up 33% to $4.04 billion vs. a year ago ($3.02 billion). Somewhat lower-than-expected results were due to the spread of a certain virus.
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