• UPDATED: Sinclair, Tribune Jumped Gun On Merger, Now Face Anti-Trust Issues
    Why would Sinclair-Tribune ad execs appear to be in such a rush -- if reports are true -- to work together before the deal closed, especially when initial approval seemed likely?
  • White House TV Directive: Only Tune To Fox News
    Some in the Trump Administration entourage aren't dealing with key TV viewing rules -- starting each day watching Fox News Channel, especially during long trips on Air Force One.
  • Will Legacy TV Profit From Facebook's Ad Woes?
    Losing $100 billion in market value due to lower-than-expected revenue results had many wondering if Facebook's main platform is in trouble, from an advertising perspective.
  • Why Can't TV News Find The Deep State?
    Fox News Channel is into the Deep State theory. So why can't any of their reporters get any Deep State officials for an interview?
  • TV, Digital Media Not Immune From Editorial Cuts
    Tronc laid off half the 'New York Daily News' editorial staff. TV has suffered a similar fate. Earlier this year, CNN said it would be laying off 50 digital staffers. Local cable news network NY1 made cuts last year.
  • NFL Preseason Games Upcoming, National Anthem Player Guide In Flux
    Just before President Trump made it a big issue last season, the number of kneeling players had dropped significantly. What's coming? Look to the sidelines during the first TV aired pre-season game on Aug. 2 -- the Hall of Fame game between the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears.
  • Thanks To FCC's Sinclair-Tribune Decision, Media Mergers May Slow
    When the FCC put the brakes on the Sinclair-Tribune deal, it may have signaled other intentions to TV station groups' acquisition plans.
  • Trump's Political Lies Blanket TV, Twitter - And They Are Being Tracked
    Trump's Political Lies Blanket TV, Twitter - And They Are Being Tracked
  • Viacom-CBS Merger Battle Continues
    National Amusements is the controlling owner of both CBS and Viacom -- headed by Shari Redstone, who wants to bring the companies back together.
  • Netflix Still Growing, How Much OTT Content Is Needed?
    Netflix gained subscribers over 4 million internationally and around 700,000 in the U.S. for the second quarter. A traditional U.S-based cable network would be cheering for these results.
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