Why Can't TV News Find The Deep State?

It’s all deep stuff on TV news networks, with so much unknown about political coverage. In that regard, I ventured to uncover the real Deep State TV.

Not a TV network? These guys must have a TV network partner somewhere. They seem to be the cool new thing.

But I couldn’t get a phone number to get more details. Guessing it was unlisted. Still, wondering how these Deep State participants get together. The high sign? And where do they meet? Maybe they are too blue to get out of the office.

Or a clue could come from EPIX.

The premium cable channel has a TV series called “Deep State.” Since June 8, some 656 promo spots for the series have run, generating 234 million impressions, according to Plus, there are books advertising on TV about the Deep State. Maybe there’s a connection!

EPIX doesn’t sell any advertising on its shows. Still, if it did, what would the CPM — The Cost Per Political Mention — be? Maybe it keeps in the shadows because it’s hard to get an effective traditional TV marketing campaign going. We feel you. There is media disruption everywhere.



I was hoping FBI agent Peter Strozk would slip up on TV while offering his testimony to a Congressional committee. But no, he didn’t mention the Deep State once. And -- while we are thinking about it -- did any members of Congress ask him about running the Deep State?  How deep is your government love?

It makes for a good conspiracy theory. And you better believe it because, if you deny it, conspiracy proponents will say you are part of it.

Journalists must be lying down on the job. If Fox News Channel is so into this, why can’t any of their reporters get any Deep State officials on TV for an interview?  Work harder. They are about 900 million search results on Google for Deep State. As Donald Trump once said to Vladimir Putin, when asking for Hillary's emails: You will be rewarded.

Perhaps someone can get that 400-pound fat guy hacker, sitting on his bed, to help out. Or those crazy Russians.

A vortex for all this comes from a recent Monmonth University poll: 27% of respondents says the Deep State “definitely” exists, while 47% said “probably.” Here's the catch: They can't define it.

No matter. You can’t fool U.S. voters. Something is going on. TV, and especially social media, teaches them that.

Get deep into the next episode -- and then forget everything. That’s what those in deep would want from you.

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  1. Douglas Ferguson from College of Charleston, July 26, 2018 at 10:45 a.m.

    If you can't find evil people, then they simply don't exist. Imagine if Woodward and Bernstein had bought that theory.

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