• Will Social Media's Snap Woes Become TV's Troubles?
    The "normal" TV advertising market -- full of double-digit price increases, on the cost-per-thousand viewers -- may not really be back to normal.
  • Trump Wants To Make A New Media Buck - Will It Work?
    Regular consumers of conservative right-wing media content might continue to consume their favorite channels/platforms.
  • Media's Content Race: Walt Disney Pushes Streaming, Sports
    Disney+ and ESPN+ may be the big direct-to-consumer revenue drivers.
  • Inside Netflix's Monetization Model: Future Values Of Hit TV Series
    Netflix series "Squid Game" apparently delivered $900 million in added value, according to the streamer.
  • Getting National TV Unmasked: Early Returns Improve, But Not Everywhere
    We don't have broad visibility for the current 2021-2022 TV season. But we can get a clue, even if the data is uneven at best.
  • Thumbs Down: Where Does Sinclair's RSNs Go If MLB Calls Strike Three?
    Major League Baseball doesn't like Sinclair's plan to raise $250 million for a streaming business.
  • 2 Retired NFL Quarterbacks Talk Medical Insurance In Ads, But Never Injuries
    Joe Theismann and Joe Namath front TV content for EasyMedicare.com and Medicare Coverage Helpline, respectively.
  • Trevor Noah Says Diverse Staff Helps Expand The Daily Show's 'Mind'
    Noah is the first guest of a new series by Expensify exploring issues of race and diversity in the workforce and culture at large.
  • Vudu Debuts Video Store On Oculus, Provides VR Movie, TV Experience
    The news is part of Fandango's overall expansion. In August, Fandango merged its on-demand platforms, Vudu and Fandango Now. The new Vudu service claims more than 75 million U.S. households.
  • 'Jeopardy!' Finally Moves Past Champ Amodio -- And Non-Champ Richards
    Contestant Matt Amodio ends a long (but boring) winning streak, while show producers aim to survive the host shuffle debacle headlined by Mike Richards.
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