• Set Your Dial: TV Won't Die, It Will Adjust
    To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of TV's demise are greatly exaggerated. Millennials and Gen Z differ from baby boomers, but Americans still watch a lot of linear TV.
  • Summer Movie Business: More Money, Fewer Customers
    Movie studios earned big U.S. box office revenues this summer -- up 14% to $4.4 billion, according to reports. But the moviegoer estimates are the lowest since 1992.
  • Walking Into The End Zone: The NFL Is Back
    Live football is still sought after by major marketers -- despite medical concussion issues, NFL players kneeling or whether TV networks will air national anthem pre-game ceremonies.
  • TV Networks May Be More Reliable Ad Choice Than 'National Enquirer'
    If you are an advertiser, are you happy the 'National Enquirer' keeps compelling stories in a safe and far from loyal readers? Do you think big cable networks do the same?
  • Who Will Control Future OTT Ad Revenues?
    Do Google or Facebook have the inside track or traditional big media owners? Some analysts point to Roku, the rapidly growing OTT provider of apps /networks.
  • Study: Teens Spending Too Much Time On Mobile
    A Pew poll found 52% of teens are cutting back on their mobile phone use, as well as slowing down on social media (57%) and video games (58%).
  • TV Station Groups Promise Advertisers More Than They Deliver
    TV consolidation may sound like a positive business plan. However, it comes with some necessary cost-cutting.
  • When Is A TV Ad Not A TV Ad? When It's A Netflix Promo
    Scroll through Netflix's programming selection interface for a TV show or movie. Video trailers are automatically played for a short time.
  • Movie Companies Love Millennials - Is The Love Requited?
    Over 11% of all moviegoers are 25-39 -- the biggest group of in-theater movie consumers. This is double the percentage of other age groups.
  • Trump May Hate Competition, But A Free Press Still Reigns
    Last Thursday, the Great America PAC, a group to re-elect President Trump, ran a TV commercial on CNN's "Wolf Blitzer." Apparently, CNN is where Trump supporters are these days.
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