• Where Is TV's Biggest Ad Category - Autos - Driving In Future?
    The good news, per the VAB, is that it appears TV advertising equals specific digital media gains in terms of unique visitors -- a good engagement measure. Other TV analysts believe TV stations need more data to help grow overall automotive marketing on TV.
  • YouTube Can Sell Fake Views, Not TV
    Ever try to buy a Nielsen TV rating point to improve a show's image? It can't be done.
  • TV Stations' New Goal: More Sports -- And Regional Sports Networks?
    Disney will need to sell off Fox's valuable regional sports networks as part of the Fox-Disney deal. Some of the biggest TV station groups might be interested, including Sinclair Broadcast Group.
  • Let's Consider Make-Goods For TV Viewers
    It's tough enough getting TV viewers to watch your shows. How about paying them to do it? Now, more than ever, TV content and other related companies are offering stuff for viewing. Some call it "paying" for viewers.
  • The Oscars Have A New Category: Popularity. Will Viewers Buy It?
    In recent years, films that won the big awards -- critics' favorites -- came from mostly small niche producers targeting more of an upscale adult audience. Sometimes, these movies aren't widely available. Blockbusters and successful franchises are seen by millions globally.
  • Is Disney Taking On Netflix? Think Road Trip With Plenty Of Stops, Starts
    With Fox, Disney will now control about 50% of U.S. theatrical movie production. But all that is still tied to theaters -- not to a mostly in-home TV-based digital video subscription-on-demand service.
  • Consumers Still Pay For Premium Content - When It's Streaming
    Consumers are paying more out of their pocket for OTT platforms -- that extra $10 or so a month they might pay for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or other services that are ad-free.
  • Bite-Sized Mobile Viewing Pitches TV In A New Way
    Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman and former DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg -- two veteran technology and movie/TV executives respectively -- are starting a new video company for the mobile world.
  • Correction: 'TV Watch' Incorrectly Attributed Sinclair-Tribune 'Jumpstart' To DOJ
    The July 31st "TV Watch" commentary incorrectly stated that, "According to the DOJ, it appears that Sinclair-Tribune was trying to jumpstart their soon-to-be-bigger company -- making combined advertising deals for all its TV stations -- before getting approval from the FCC." The commentary should have stated that was the point-of-view of "TV Watch" columnist Wayne Friedman, not the DOJ. The column was based on news reports that the DOJ is investigating whether Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media coordinated their advertising sales efforts. On Aug. 3rd, MediaPost published a news story reporting that at least three antitrust suits have been …
  • Movie Blockbuster Or Dud: Who Will Be The Next Netflix?
    MoviePass wants to remain an important part of the movie ecosystem, not just a stepping stone for other movie-related companies to follow and improve.
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