• Twitter Scam: Fake Followers. Can You Buy Fake TV Fans, Too?
    As social media metrics become indicators of popularity, they take on a new level of importance. This would also include views on YouTube and other digital media platforms. Fake accounts will remain an option for disreputable providers.
  • What Does More TV News Consumption Mean For Consumers?
    TV viewers want to know more about current news. But given their inability to distinguish good journalism, per a new study, it will take more of their media time to figure it out.
  • Viewers Take Political Sides On Brands
    TV networks, restaurants, sports -- brand favorability is often determined by political affiliation. For example, Republicans posted a 38 positive number for Nascar, but Democrats only gave it an 18. For the NBA, Democrats registered a 42; Republicans only 15.
  • XFL Football Is Coming Back To TV
    Vince McMahon, the wrestling impresario/CEO of WWE, is trying again -- with the XFL, which ran for one season in 2001. Why will it work this time? Well, for one thing, he says TV ratings don't matter that much.
  • Murdoch To Facebook: Pay Us Like Comcast Does
    For a long time, Facebook has said it isn't a news organization, just a platform -- perhaps just a social-media platform. Or maybe a distributor of stuff that users want to read and share with others. But to be frank, the value can be dubious.
  • 'Thursday Night Football' Isn't Always A Winning Proposition
    The same number of networks will compete for next year's "Thursday Night Football" package -- and that the entire rights fee package for the regular season series may stay about the same or even drop versus a year ago.
  • Should TV News Networks Let Viewers Rate News Quality?
    People may hate media and journalists and call them biased. But putting news judgement in the hands of the average news consumer will only muddy the works even more.
  • Taking The Sledgehammer To Spike
    A marketing stunt blew up a big Spike logo in the desert. Viewers had a role in voting how Spike would meet its end. After the logo was engulfed in flames and keeled over, a new banner was revealed: The Paramount Network.
  • TV's Regional Sports Networks Remain Top Financial Earners
    One key area that may be overlooked in Walt Disney's $52.4 billion acquisition of Fox's TV/entertainment businesses is its regional sports networks. Projected 2018 cash flow for Fox's RSN business is expected to reach an impressive $1.9 billion in earnings.
  • Traditional TV Media Buyers Scratch Heads As Google Cracks Down On Unsafe Video
    Agency execs have increasingly used Google Preferred channels to supplement broadcast, cable and national syndication upfront buys. But that level of inventory looks to be shrinking.
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