• Forget Ratings: Reach, Size, Commercial Share Will Be Next TV Metrics
    Will the future of big media companies be all about scale and reach, and less about the ups (and mostly downs) of individual networks and TV shows? We can only hope so.
  • Including Sports In Ratings Totals: It's All TV, Isn't It?
    All TV networks want to massage their story this time of year, considering their season-ending average ratings. Show your best side, after all. Some networks might foster the idea of how well they are doing if they exclude specific programming -- say, sports programming.
  • Screening Your Real-Life Roller Coaster Results With A Pair Of VR Googles
    For many futurists, VR content and use is set to explode. But where and how? We can project -- as with 3D TV -- much initial content will be part of a decision to "throw stuff on the wall and see if it sticks."
  • Viacom's Leadership Turmoil: Prime-time Drama For Sure
    Finally, some good drama to watch via the Viacom networks. Unfortunately, this reality TV is not available for viewing on its channels.
  • Hello, Scripted 'Premium' TV -- Goodbye, Reality TV?
    Find in these numbers the true measure of reality TV this season: This fall you'll see 11 new dramas and eight new comedies from broadcast TV networks, versus 12 new dramas and eight new comedies of a year ago. And reality shows? Zilch. No new reality shows this fall; none last fall.
  • ABC Upfront: Making A Case Where Networks Can Talk Favorably About Digital
    And you thought prime time meant some vague references, such as programming running between say 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. So 2015! In her upfront remarks, Geri Wang, president of advertising sales and marketing at ABC Television Network, said: "Prime is so much more than a time period. It's a promise of quality -- quality that drives ROI."
  • ESPN's Chances To Make The Big OTT Transition? Better Than You Might Think
    Can the likes of ESPN really make the transition to a stand-alone, over-the-top channel, if it has to? ESPN, which has already seen some subscriber losses, must be mulling this future -- even as it touts the strong loyalty of its viewers going into this upfront advertising selling period.
  • Days Of Future TV Past: Big Upfronts Continue To Shift Slowly
    Cut your fast-forwarding back on your new TV-video upfront market. Think slow-forwarding for the clearer picture. Even with continued viewer erosion, there is newfound TV network optimism.
  • Upfront Network Execs Downgrade Digital Competition
    So far this upfront week, two TV network presentations, NBC's and Fox's, looked to boost their respective advertising efforts by making pointed attacks on the competing digital video business.
  • Mixed Messages: Millennials React Different Ways To Ads
    You may be excited about new program/content choices everywhere. But what about TV advertising everywhere -- especially the same commercials? New TV-video program content doesn't always mean new and different pieces of advertising content. Seen the same State Farm commercial on your TV, tablet, smartphone, VR device? Are you getting tired of all that insurance talk?
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