• Millennials Will 'Never Watch' TV, So What Device Will They Watch While Multitasking?
    What if I told you younger TV viewers would "never watch television" or are "never going to get cable boxes"? You might ask: OK, what devices then -- and how many?
  • Amazon Covers Many TV-Video Bases. What's The Downside?
    Already well into the OTT platform business with Amazon Prime Video for premium TV shows and other content -- as well as the device industry with its array of Amazon Fire products -- now Amazon is moving to user-generated YouTube-like platform, Amazon Video Direct.
  • Illogical Entertainment Consumer Brain: A la Carte TV Is Dead
    So much for true a la carte traditional TV cable networks -- Disney's ESPN just settled with Verizon over a year long lawsuit. Details haven't been disclosed. But we can guess -- in part: Everyone is happy with the results.
  • Speaking In Media Tongues: Digital 'Views' Versus TV's 'Average Audience Per Minute'
    You have to wonder why it took this long for traditional TV to take a shot at YouTube's recent claim that "YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S."
  • Watching On Your White-Label TV Network: Saving Money On Aches & Pains?
    If you are a pharmacist, chances are you aren't buying brand-name aspirin.You are going with the generic, white-label stuff because, for many, aspirin is essentially aspirin. A professor of economics at University of Chicago came up with that conclusion. Just wonder how those pharmacists -- and other like-minded people -- might think about TV. Perhaps a good TV drama is like other good TV dramas. Maybe a reality show is just a reality show.
  • This Is Your TV Brain. This Is Your TV Brain Run By An Algorithm
    Silly Algorithm. Now ESPN shows us there is more to TV recommendations -- more to actual TV viewing -- than what an algorithm says. So a new ESPN promo called "Queue" recognizes that viewers have enough brains to figure out what they want to watch - and that TV recommendation search engines are lacking.
  • Too Many Networks? Maybe We Don't Need The Nosehair Channel
    Too many networks, too much programming -- and still nothing on TV? Hope that less will be more -- and soon. In the latest Time Warner earning call, John Martin, Turner Broadcasting CEO, said there are too many U.S. networks, and that there is going to be a "rationalization" of channels going forward -- especially in light of new small digital TV services. Meaning many fewer networks.
  • Loosely Targeted TV Ads This Political Season: Your Monster... Or Shampoo?
    On CNBC, I keep seeing TV commercials for Donald Trump, coming from the something called "Great American PAC." It's worried the GOP is looking to steal a potential nomination from Trump.
  • Is True Widespread TV Cord-Cutting Here?
    Many pay TV providers have been dinged from cutting back on traditional TV cord-cutting. But it is not always a solid declining trend line.
  • TV Nets: Work Harder To Keep Viewers Engaged, Avoid More Ad Content
    Steve Burke, CEO of NBCUniversal, said during the last week's Comcast Corp. earnings: "It's tougher to get a rating in this fragmented TV market, but when you do, you get rewarded for it significantly."
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