• Patient Viewers Not Always Swayed By Another Box Of Digital Voodoo
    Do new entertainment-minded hardware companies wonder about technology-skipping consumers -- those who sit on the sidelines waiting for the next really big thing, all to avoid those smaller digital steps?
  • Programming Executives May Need To Redefine 'Hit'
    While unveiling new programs during next month's upfront presentations, broadcast network programmers should include a clear and perhaps frank addendum about those shows: There will be no more hits.
  • O'Donnell Could Do For Lifetime What She Did For 'The View'
    Two prominent TV personalities -- Rosie O'Donnell with "The View" and Betty Cohen as CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Services -- will no longer be front and center of their respective TV brands. But that connection doesn't have to end there. Both TV venues those women were associated with cater to women. But that's where the similarities end. O'Donnell helped lift the "The View" to new heights. Lifetime, unfortunately, has shown lackluster results in recent years....
  • FCC Has The Easy Job -- Telling Congress To Define TV Violence
    Now the Federal Communications Commission wants limits on violent TV programming, much in the same way it got restraints on "indecency." That's the easy part. Here comes the hard part: The FCC leaves it up to Congress to define "excessively violent" content.
  • Apple TV Still Green, Not Ready For Pickin'
    Apple TV is not -- at the moment anyway, according to reports -- a ground-breaking product like the company's iPod. While few are totally pooh-poohing Apple just yet, others say as long as HDTV movies are not available on the iTunes Music Store, Apple TV will stay on the tree.
  • Broadcast Erosion, Etc.: Many Issues As Upfront Beckons
    It's just a few short weeks before the big upfront question mark gets answered: Will networks and media agencies find a common bond this season when it comes to making TV commercial deals?
  • Burger King's TV Spot: SpongeBob, Square Media
    The Burger King's spot that riffs off "SpongeBob Square Pants" has many TV critics' knickers in a twist.
  • 'American Idol' Could Have Tapped Sanjaya Flow
    If I were Fox, I'd join in the fun with "American Idol" contestant Sanjaya Malaker, and start a marketing campaign with tongue firmly in cheek. For example, "See whether Sanjaya can beat his real competition during the next 'American Idol.'"
  • Digital Firms Join The Party, Throw Network-like Upfronts
    Think the demise of the upfronts is coming? Well, apparently not for AOL and Yahoo, two of the biggest digital companies out there. Both companies have put together TV-network-like upfront shows for advertisers over the last several weeks. Yesterday AOL, went a step further than Yahoo, offering up actual TV-like shows for advertisers -- five new interactive programs a month.
  • TV Juggles Ads And Programs In Midst Of Tragedy
    There was lots of death at Virginia Tech, lots of analysis, and, at times, fewer TV advertising messages.
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