• Bloggers Call Out CBS Boo-Boo
    You gotta love the fact that bloggers are telling CBS News what journalism is and what it isn't. Apparently, Regret the Error.com, which reports on issues of accuracy and ethics in the media, called out Katie Couric on her minute-long commentary that started with the words: "I still remember when I got my first library card." Not only was the piece not written by Couric -- a problem in itself -- but the CBS producer who wrote it plagiarized much of it from a Wall Street Journal column by Jeffrey Zaslow that was published in March.
  • Imus Fallout For Media Marketers: Janet Jackson Chill Will Turn Icy
    The second-day story on the Imus firings -- first by MSNBC and now by CBS -- is an easier one: What changes for advertisers in regards to language in the media?
  • What TV Tells Me: Hurtful Labels Have Consequences
    The "Imus In the Morning" TV show got fired yesterday, as will, soon, perhaps, the "exotic" dancer who performed for the Duke lacrosse team a year ago. False accusations don't play well in this society.
  • Some MSNBC Advertisers Take Break Because Of Imus
    Don Imus' advertising shoe dropped yesterday, when the biggest TV advertiser in the land, Procter & Gamble, said it would pull all its advertising from his show. And the upfront market is only five weeks away.
  • Will 'Imus In The Morning' Advertisers Sleep In?
    After Don Imus of MSNBC's "Imus in the Morning" tried to be funny with some racially disparaging remarks about the RutgersUniversity women's basketball team last week, he initially defended his actions by saying that it was a "comedy act." "Seinfeld"'s Michael Richards, of course, had a comedy act too.
  • Faith In TV News
    There's real honor for TV news in certain parts of the world, some of the highest order: A Vatican cardinal just blessed an Italian prime-time evening news program. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the vicar general of the Diocese of Rome and one of the most powerful figures in the Vatican, has blessed the Mediaset network's TG5 news program. He even declared himself a fan, noting he was a "very faithful viewer of TG5's evening program."
  • Are Internet Reruns Running TV Reruns Into The Ground?
    It was like compulsive military service: For years, TV viewers were expected to watch reruns to help keep the TV business strong. Now some viewers are going AWOL.
  • TV Sellers Give Marketers Chance To Do Good
    Two new advertising names snuck into the "American Idol" proceedings the other night -- Allstate Insurance and ExxonMobil -- all for the "Idol" charity, "Idol Gives Back." It's kind of weird listening to Ryan Seacrest pleading for marketers' support on the air -- like what advertisers wouldn't want to be part of the highest-rated show on television?
  • ABC Isn't Marooning Jimmy Kimmel
    It's about time late night went maroon -- the new marketing color message for "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Though I never took Kimmel for that earth tone of the color chart, when I think of his new marketing campaign, all I see is the color of some wall on those decorating shows on HGTV. By the way, what is David Letterman's hue? Blue, perhaps? Jay Leno must be all white - or all the colors of the NBC rainbow.
  • Upfront Sellers Have A New Name To Deal With: Google
    With only weeks to go before the traditional upfront market begins, Google, the Internet company with the name that TV sellers find most ominous, has entered the race to sell national TV advertising time. Not that the giant Internet company will have any real effect on the marketplace this year. But it's enough to make broadcast, cable, and syndicator programmers blink.
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