• Cable News Sees Shifting Viewership, Revenues Post-Election
    Cable TV news networks have been virtually the only TV networks to see regular overall growth of viewership for the better part of 12 months now. But for September, Fox News witnessed a somewhat eye-opening 17% drop in advertising from the same month the year before.
  • Social Media Has A Fake News Problem - And TV Could Help
    Worried about "trust" in news organizations? Social media still scores low results next to traditional news media, even as people are using it heavily for news.
  • Charge For Every Media Company: Into The Video Pool!
    Every media company seems to want video on its digital platforms. That's where the big advertising money is. But to no one's surprise, it can be very hard to do well.
  • TV Networks Pursue More Live TV Programming
    Live TV programming seems to be a continued benefit for TV networks -- especially with sports. But can TV networks make it a regular thing -- with standard entertainment series?
  • No Trumpian 'Art Of The Deal' With Media -- Just Destruction
    What makes the "Art of the Deal" these days? Keep changing the deal -- as many times as possible. Can media organizations learn anything from this?
  • TV Networks Need To Be On Every Platform
    TV networks need to be in the digital space, with as many variations as possible. More importantly, they need to be everywhere without knowing what specific platform might command the greatest share of program/network viewership in the future.
  • Nielsen Wants To Measure Netflix -- Does Netflix Even Care?
    Netflix has long said that because it is not an ad-supported service, it doesn't serve anyone to release viewership data -- publicly, anyway. Privately? That may be another matter.
  • Are TV Stations Losing Their Advertising Relevance?
    Taking matters into its own hands, Publicis Media is in the middle of making a $50 million local TV programmatic ad deal for a client covering 27 markets.
  • Networks Cope With Viewers Who Follow Vs. Watch Sports
    Traditional TV networks and new digital media companies continue to bet the house on sports, for various reasons. But to what end?
  • Trump Needs An Education In The First Amendment, TV Licensing
    Donald Trump can't get the FCC to pull a license from a TV network because he objects to its content. Can we pull President Trump's "license" because of his?
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