• Netflix Scores Positive Results, TV Distributors Play Catch Up
    In the third quarter, Netflix gained 5.3 million global subscribers -- 4.4 million international and 850,000 in the U.S. Both results were higher than expected.
  • TV's New ROI For Marketers: Thor
    Reports suggest TV networks want a new ad alternative, pushed by a third-party ad-tech company. The effort is called "Thor" -- based on consumer behavior around purchases.
  • New Linear TV Packages Won't Carry A La Carte Networks
    Traditional public battles between big cable-centric network companies and pay TV providers will have a new story arc in the coming years.
  • Should The National Anthem Be Played For All TV Events?
    When thinking about the national anthem and sports, one needs to have a broader view.
  • Should Digital Marketing Employ TV Standards?
    Watch how you ruminate, obfuscate or opine on issues on your favorite social media platforms. Your words might be used against you.
  • With TV As A Rival, Can Movie Chains Gain Ground This Fall?
    Movie theaters are seeing a decrease in attendance and box-office revenues, and a major contributing factor is that a sizable portion of customers want to see newer theatrical movies at home, on ever-bigger TV screens, via digital platforms.
  • Trump Wants To Investigate Journalism -- Bring It On
    Donald Trump accuses major TV networks of fake news. To be taken at his "words," Trump should offer his own deep journalistic research -- just as he did with the "birther" claim about President Obama. Oh, wait -- he still hasn't done that yet.
  • Binge-Watching Impacting Live TV Stats
    Nearly three-quarters -- 73% -- of Americans say they binge-watch, including 90% of U.S millennials. Some 38% of those millennials also say they binge-watch every week.
  • Are Media, Tech Companies Merging Into One Entity?
    While TV commercials are a standard -- and easy for big legacy marketers to understand, digest and change -- evolution is coming. Standard TV product placements? Think well beyond this.
  • Future Ad Battles: TV Vs. Digital
    National TV ads may be facing a stronger rival in digital. There are four trends worth watching, including sudden tech shifts in advertising.
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