• Latest From Swamp DC TV: Trump Fires Senior Staffer
    "I am disappointed in the attorney general," said President Trump last week. He called Jeff Sessions "weak" and "beleaguered." And then he fired Reince Priebus, his chief of staff. Nice plot twist!
  • TV Cos. May Be Aping Big Digital Players
    Cable network industry consolidation is coming. But will it make for better marketing buys? NBCU pulled in $6.5 billion for 15 channels in the upfront. Google is likely to make $72 billion in ad revenues in 2017.
  • Facebook Wants Better Video Ad Engagement
    The market for overall digital video looks to rise around 20% in 2017 to $11.7 billion, according to eMarketer. Facebook and Google command the two largest shares of this revenue.
  • Sinclair/Tribune Future: Less Local TV News, More Ad Clout
    Sinclair TV stations not only have a conservative bent, but an increasingly non-local bent. "Must run" stories come as a directive from on high. These stories air with virtually the exact same read-to-camera leads in all markets.
  • TV Companies May Adopt Dual Identity: Content Creators/Network Sellers
    Given the skinny TV service talk, some TV/media companies with a smaller roster of networks might perform more efficiently in the new age of TV content distribution.
  • Politics - A New Kind Of 'Blood-Chilling' Summer TV Show
    Six months into the new Trump Administration, we continue to find new story elements -- even in the midst of the somewhat typical summer reality-programming TV period.
  • Is A TV/Retail Company Merger Viable?
    Some believe the next big TV innovation might actually be Amazon -- especially when it comes to grabbing more digital and TV advertising revenue.
  • Cable Networks Contemplate Major Merger - Does It Matter?
    New, cheaper TV packages of networks -- the ones that cost $20 to $45 a month -- are coming. That means many networks will be left out -- especially cable networks. Will a big cable network merger gain leverage? Maybe not.
  • Is Ad-Supported TV Better Than Ad-Free TV?
    Can ad-supported TV programs offer any of the same evidence for growth of "Game of Thrones" -- especially for a TV series entering its seventh season? Not exactly.
  • Internet-Based Content Has Mixed Record As TV Shows
    Virtually all of network TV has had trouble producing successful TV shows from alternate sources -- whether as revivals of older TV shows, longtime franchise films or material from the internet.
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