• How Should TV News Cover Outright Lies?
    If sources routinely fail to be reliable -- let's say they make over 5,000 misleading or false claims over a two-year period -- it's reasonable for journalists to shun them and look elsewhere for credibility.
  • As vMVPDs Experience Slower Growth, Where Will TV Consumers Go?
    Digital vMVPDs were supposed to be the savior of cable networks looking for big customer growth. Blame greater competition.
  • If Trump's iPhone Can Be Hacked, Is His Smart TV Vulnerable Too?
    Hillary Clinton's private computer server was a bad idea, but no security was breached or crime committed. Conversely, the Russians and Chinese hacked into Trump's personal iPhone, although he's been warned not to use it.
  • Rogue Political Marketers Infiltrate Media Ad Systems - Is TV Next?
    A Russian national is the first person charged by the U.S. for conspiring to interfere in the 2018 midterms. And this wasn't her first foray into U.S. political propaganda.
  • Trump's Attacks On Media, Political Opponents Have Real-Life Consequences
    Several potential pipe bombs were sent by mail to CNN's New York City headquarters, as well as the Clintons, the Obamas, the former CIA Director John Brennan, among others. All attacks were targeted to those critical of the president.
  • TV Network Groups Witness Big Management Changes: Coincidence Or Market Forces?
    Four major TV network-based media companies have seen big changes atop their ranks when it comes to senior programming/creative executives. What's the backstory?
  • Disney's OTT Service Wants To Make Splash - With Less Money
    The combination of Disney's and Fox's library product -- TV and movies -- will total 4,000 titles. And that is more than Netflix -- once all existing licensing deals expire.
  • In A 24/7 Viewing Age, What Does 'Competition' Mean?
    For the first time, NBC's program planning group did not have a prime-time grid to show its direct broadcast competitors where a 9 p.m. show runs against other 9 p.m. shows.
  • Millennials Enjoy Traditional TV Shows, But In Digital
    On linear TV, the average age of an "SVU" viewer is 61. But those viewing it on a digital platform? 33. For "This is Us," its linear TV average age is 55. On digital? It's 33.
  • Trump Wants Drug Prices In TV Ads, But It Will Take A Microscope To See It
    Pfizer's heavily advertised nerve pain drug Lyrica has a monthly list price of $669, per reports. AbbVie's Humira, a treatment for immune system disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, carries a list price of $4,872 per monthly injection.
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