• Walmart Moves Slowly Into Original Entertainment
    MGM will create a short-form original series -- based on the movie "Mr. Mom" -- for Vudu, Walmart's ad-supported streaming service. It is expected to be the first of many studios Walmart works with to create new content for the service.
  • Will Trump's Future Include Media Ownership?
    There is some wild speculation that Trump's long-term future could still be a media one -- via an acquisition of a major company or TV network group. Which brings us to Rupert Murdoch.
  • Fox Trims Trump Rally Air Time: How Long Will Reruns Deliver Ratings?
    Trump knows cable TV time means earned media time. But Fox is content with just running clips of Trump rallies, which worries the White House.
  • How Does The Industry Define Premium TV In The Age Of Netflix?
    Streaming services like Netflix could grab more viewers with live TV. But it may choose to focus on its current winning game: entertainment.
  • Netflix Metrics Help Predict Show Size, Success
    Netflix can tell whether its proposed shows will be small, medium, or large. TV producers will love that. It's all in the data.
  • What Surveys Do We Trust About The Media?
    Simmons says five of the top 10 most-trusted news sources are newspapers. Broadcast networks did a bit better generally: ABC News (55.9%, 2nd place); CBS News (55.4%, 3rd place); and NBC News (54.1%, 6th place).
  • Media Mergers: Top TV Execs Usually Safe, Mid-Level Staffers Suffer
    In merging Fox businesses into Walt Disney, top management will be covered. But one analyst predicts 5,000 to 10,000 could be laid off.
  • Names Matter. Either Consumers Recognize It - Or They Mock
    Netflix rolls easily off the tongue. And with nearly 120 million worldwide subscribers, who could argue? But Tronc? That name is looking for a fight.
  • Is Traditional TV Fighting Amazon For Supremacy?
    Amazon sells all kinds of consumer products -- which is why many believe it will be a force to reckon with when it comes to growing digital media advertising.
  • Will Traditional TV Gamify Premium Shows To Increase Revenue?
    Ad-supported TV networks continue to seek the next holy grail of TV revenue, beyond just on-demand licensing deals, or starting direct-to consumer on-demand and/or live, linear digital services.
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