• Streaming TV Viewed On Eclectic Platforms
    Peloton may not seem like a typical OTT platform when it comes to "streaming." But is it a harbinger for the future?
  • Is Peak TV Over-The-Top Or Under The Radar?
    Cross-promotion is the only way forward. TV networks must promote other networks' shows. It's just smart business.
  • Imagine This Fairy Tale Media Merger: Apple And Disney
    Price and other media consolidation regulatory issues aside, this is one scenario analysts have big-time fantasies about.
  • NBC's LX Targets News Service To Younger Viewers
    Most TV news skews older. NBC is trying to change that with LX, which targets 18-45 viewers with a streaming TV network.
  • Is Comcast Competing With Roku?
    Comcast is offering its Xfinity Flex set-top box product -- something similar to Roku -- at no cost to internet customers.
  • Fox News Polls Show Trump Losing To Democrats. Does That Change Viewers' Perceptions Of The Network?
    A Fox voting poll shows a number of Democratic presidential contenders beating Donald Trump. And not all Fox News on-air journalists and anchors have undying support for him.
  • DirecTV May Be Under Fire And Outmatched
    A group of AT&T investors filed a lawsuit against the company, charging it has been fraudulently altering its subscriber count at DirecTV.
  • Some TV-Movie Studios Happy To Sell Major Sitcoms To Streaming Services
    Sony Pictures Television just sold "Seinfeld" episodes to Netflix in a whopping five-year, $500 million deal for the global streaming rights.
  • MoviePass Fades To Black. What Remains For In-Theater Subscription Movie Plans?
    While MoviePass made theater chains make similar moves to address stagnant attendance, the question remains: Is it enough?
  • How TV, Digital Media Should Prep For The Next Economic Downturn
    The so-called "Great Recession" between December 2007 and June 2009 hit the TV industry hard. When the next one comes, don't stop advertising.
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