• Going Mobile For TV Content? Going For Free--And Later
    Mobile ESPN was a rare misstep for the Walt Disney's powerful ESPN brand. Now ESPN needs to step it up in areas it knows better--selling advertising.
  • Looking For A More Focused Scatter Market
    We're all on scatter TV watch again. The recent traditional start to the fourth quarter has some networks--The CW and NBC--feeling their oats, according to media sellers, saying that pacing and pricing is quicker and somewhat higher--even if it is just a bit so.
  • NBC Looks To Advertising As Content On YouTube
    Touchy YouTube aficionados don't like NBC's official promo activities with the hot video Web site. There's anger, resentment, and, surprisingly, negative amortization.
  • Fattening TV Needs Diet For Your Child's Digestive Tract
    Children's minds: All these years we were supposed to be concerned how TV affected those precious developing brainwaves. Who knew what really mattered was their developing stomachs?
  • Deal With It: One Prime-Time Show Can't Make A Network
    Looking for one show to change your network prime-time fortunes? Forget it. No deal--as in NBC's "Deal or No Deal."
  • NFL Network Looks To Tackle; Comcast's Roberts Looking For Blockers
    NFL Network stands for Noose-like Football Leverage. It's the kind of leverage all sports leagues would like to have--especially when it comes to getting paid from cable operators.
  • Good News For TV Entrepreneurs Targeting The Sleep-deprived
    How much more video are we able to watch? Plenty, apparently--especially in the traditional ways. Seemingly defying entertainment gravity, TV usage is at an all-time high--all while there's a supposed demand for more video on iPods, the Internet, mobile phones, DVRs and video game players.
  • Networks Know Not To Copy H-P's Journalist Spy Plot
    It seems that Hewlett-Packard doesn't trust journalists, as it had plans to infiltrate newsrooms at CNET and The Wall Street Journal with spies posing as cleaning people and clerical staffers. Haven't we seen this plot before, on a bad made-for-TV movie--one that gets really low ratings?
  • New TV Network May Be Set For Shutout
    ESPN's "Monday Night Football" witnessed the lowest scoring game in "MNF" history--a 9-0 shutout of the Super Bowl Champs Pittsburgh Steelers by the Jacksonville Jaguars. That doesn't make for good television. Take that a step further--what if a TV network gets shutout?
  • "Survivor"'s Loyal Viewers Find It's Less About Race, More About The Run
    By all accounts, the new, racier "Survivor"--which portends to be all about race--is really all about the show's loyal following.
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