• Is 'Roseanne' Return A Trend? More TV Shows About Nothing?
    The return of "Roseanne" -- which got top results from critics -- raises eyebrows. Will it raise network programming expectations?
  • Future Skinny TV Bundles May Get Fatter
    The coming model of new TV network services will not include every single TV brand. TV networks have to make up money in different ways. That means less commercials, but perhaps higher prices for marketers looking for a clearer advertising environment, as well as new, advanced advertising/branded entertainment opportunities.
  • Streaming Apps Make Inroads Into TV's Dominance
    New streaming apps may ultimately have a major effect because TV consumers could get exactly what they want: an a la carte selection of networks.
  • Could Blockbuster Video Have Been Netflix?
    When Blockbuster began losing revenue in 2000, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings approached Blockbuster CEO John Antioco about buying the company. Fast forward: Blockbuster is history; Netflix is soaring.
  • TV Ad Regulations May Be Next For Facebook
    Facebook has some 240 million U.S. monthly users, and some 2.2 billion worldwide, making it an easy target for governmental regulators worldwide. That's especially true in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
  • Does Fox News Channel Offer 2 Kinds Of Content?
    Most TV networks offer daytime/early-evening regular news reporting. And then we have prime time, which is loaded opinion -- and maybe not much else.
  • Media Consolidation Could Imperil Local TV Newscasts
    Focusing on just one area of media -- local TV stations -- is what got many traditional media owners in trouble in the first place. Unfortunately, the bigger media world continues to grow wildly.
  • Teach Your Media Children Well
    A state bill in California wants to push public schools to teach students how to identify fake news -- as well as understanding growing digital citizenship and media literacy.
  • Foreign Hacking Might Hit TV Networks
    In a public notice last Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security sent out warnings of "Russian Government Cyber Activity." But what if a TV network was being compromised?
  • Major TV Networks Profit From OTT Marketplace Advantage
    Since the 2016 election, TV news networks have been the rare growth area -- in viewership and advertising.
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