• TV Networks Hope YouTube Mocking Stays As Marketing
    Now part of the Google team, YouTube is trying to go legit. Some content providers are demanding it. But TV networks should be careful--they could be shooting themselves in their marketing feet.
  • Many Types Of Viewers Look For Heroes This Season
    Never doubt that it is called broadcasting for a specific viewer reason. This season a wide range of viewers is looking for heroes--hopefully unlikely ones.
  • Weinstein's Film Marketing Plan 101: Get Commercial Chucked By Networks?
    Can you sell political controversy in a movie during a TV commercial? If your media plan jives with TV networks' qualifications, you can--or if you are a movie distributor looking for controversy in your marketing in the first place.
  • NBC Will Enter Thursday Night Fray Again
    Following up on NBC's somewhat quasi-decision to back off of big budgeted 8 p.m. time slots, it plans to go back into battle in the mother of all prime-time slots--Thursdays at 9 p.m.
  • Delaying Cable Networks' Commercial Ratings
    Cable networks have opted out of the Nielsen test of commercials ratings. But are they just delaying the inevitable?
  • In Digital Age, Big Media Still Wants Old-Media Properties
    In the new digital age, media companies still want more old media. They want media ownership regulations to go away--otherwise they'll be doing the layoff dance that has already affected the likes of NBC and Walt Disney.
  • To Profit From Baseball And 8 p.m. Shows: Pump Up The Volume?
    NBC may have issues with expensive $2.7 million an episode, 8 p.m. shows failing, but what about the even more expensive World Series? On the surface, it seems like an incredible loss leader. But as we all know, it's not about games one through four. It's in those extra games where--in terms of advertising dollars-- the network makes money.
  • NBC Restructuring: Looking To Continue The TV Revolution
    TV revolutions are now occurring at regular one-year intervals. This time around, it seems to be the restructuring of broadcast networks in ways we could have barely imagined before.
  • NBC Restructuring, Looking For Fewer And Better Light Bulbs
    As it does with its light bulbs, General Electric wants better brightness and efficiency from NBC. The network is now focusing first on effectiveness, hoping illumination comes soon afterward.
  • Cable Reports Gains Over Broadcast, But What About One-on-One?
    The cable industry has long touted its superiority in pulling in more overall viewers than broadcast networks. But what about going one-on-one?
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