• Disney's Current Moves: The Bad, The Ugly, But Mostly The Good
    Hand it to The Walt Disney Company: These days it is seemingly doing the right things at the right times for most--not all--of its customers.
  • The TV War In Iraq Needs A Good Script Doctor
    Are we bored with the TV war in Iraq? Though the war has produced some of its bloodiest casualty numbers this past summer, the number of embedded journalists has dwindled to under a dozen.
  • Recommending Kids' TV: Cash First, Family Later
    Praise for TiVo Kidzone by the Parents Television Council? That would only make sense if the PTC recommends some kids' shows.
  • CBS Evening News, NHL Market To Avoid Hard Body Checks
    "The CBS Evening News" and Versus' NHL hockey are trying to avoid similar fates--trying not to end up in last place again in their respective TV programming genres.
  • How To Look Younger On TV Newscasts? Change The Ads
    How do you make an older evening newscast younger? Why, just run younger commercials, of course. Want even fewer advertising dollars than you have now? Run younger ads.
  • How To Get TV Respect
    Despite what you think are its political leanings, the Fox News Channel has hit a nerve for viewers concerned with American politics. Its chairman, Roger Ailes, would rather get the nerve of respect.
  • TV's Rule Of Three
    CBS took the appropriate "three times" route, removing "Smith," starring Ray Liotta, after three airings. NBC moved "Kidnapped" off the schedule after a couple of outings....
  • What Does Your Boss Want? Do The Opposite To Save Your Soul
    Want to keep your job? Buy your boss lunch. Want to keep your job for a few years? Tell your boss what you are doing--even if he hasn't asked, and seemingly doesn't want to know. Want to keep your job and the good graces of your corporate superiors? Do what they say--fire people. If you work for Viacom's Sumner Redstone or the Tribune Co., these are the lessons to learn.
  • George Lucas Readies A New Revolutionary Entertainment Medium
    George Lucas has a TV series coming to a theater near you. And that theater is in your living room--or maybe on the desk that holds your laptop. He says the future is quality and the medium is television.
  • Sorkin's "Studio 60": It's All About The Writing And the Business
    High budgets and big stars and low ratings equal entertainment TV math 101: Anything has a good chance at failure. Consider "Studio 60," which is an Aaron Sorkin creation, boasting top talent and top writing. Ratings are drifting south. Critics love it, but will viewers stick with quality TV?
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