• Nexstar Looking To Media General For Leverage And Improved Ad Results
    Profits margins are still strong at TV stations -- but leverage is better for the long term. Nexstar Broadcasting realizes this. So it made a 30% better offer than Meredith Corp recently made for Media General: $4.1 billion.
  • Facebook Looking To Help (Or Hurt?) TV Ad Efforts
    Stealing TV advertising dollars for other media? Oh, no. Everyone want to help marketers with their TV spending. Facebook said that across 42 U.S. campaigns, when TV and Facebook were combined, advertisers saw a 19% increase in targeted reach versus TV alone. And when millennials were the target audience, incremental reach increased to 37%.
  • Looking At More Broadcast Erosion -- Any Way You Measure It
    Live TV plus same-day time-shifted ratings still hold value. For the first week of the new TV season, average prime-time ratings among the key 18-49 viewers have been down 8% on average, looking at preliminary Nielsen live program plus same-day time-shifting viewing among the five English-language speaking networks.
  • Watching Video Games On TV: Will That Work This Time Around?
    Video gaming isn't just important to the overall entertainment business; it's also important to fans, people who watch gamers compete. Now such contests are coming to traditional TV again.
  • What Will Social Media Do For TV Networks This Year?
    Look for social media to take more credit this TV season. But can it, in fact, help increase ratings? Not when those who use social media continue to be mostly younger TV viewers, while research shows the median age of the audience of the major networks are now all virtually over 50 years old. And it's not just broadcast networks: Many established, top 20 cable networks also skew older as well.
  • How Much Viewing Data Do Networks Need From Off-Network Partners?
    Netflix knows what I like and what I hate -- in theory. Is that enough to figure out what I'll want in the future? And will traditional TV networks/producers be happy with this?
  • New Season, New Shows, Still Guessing About TV Networks
    Pressing questions are always asked about my prime-time viewing: My wife: "What network is 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' on?" I didn't answer. Instead, I asked: "What broadcast network did 'The Mindy Project" air on?" She said: "NBC!" It's a confusing media world for sure.
  • Does The Cost Of iPhones Vs. TV Sets Mean Anything For Ad Sales?
    Some perspective about new consumer device spending: an iPhone can cost as much as 40-inch or 50-inch TV, $750 or more. This iPhone/TV set comparison came from Malcolm CasSelle, senior VP and general manager, digital media of SeaChange International/NewCoin, speaking at the TVB Forward Conference.
  • CNBC Next Up For GOP Debate Ad Bonanza
    Good luck, CNBC: Now it's your turn to pull in those soaring prime-time viewing numbers and big advertising dollars from the next Republican Presidential Debate.
  • This Isn't Fantasy: DraftKings, Etc., Double Down On Ad Spend
    Hey, DraftKings, how much fantasizing do you think I do anyway? You've been bombarding me with the same commercials for months. Yeah, you know, mostly variations on the same guy holding his head in his hands, and/or his fingers in his mouth, worrying about whether he might win that day.
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